Infinite Stratos Season 3: Will It Ever Come Out

Mecha animes have their own fan following. And Infinite Stratos is no less. Coming out back in the early 2010’s, the series established a name for itself, and with it a huge fan following. But since then an OVA of the anime has been released and so we have a season 2. But it has been more than 5 years and now fans of the show are getting antsy over season 3. So what is the fate of Infinite Stratos season 3? Will it ever come out? And if it does, when is it coming out? These are the questions on the mind of every fan right now. So we’re going to talk all about this today. Keep reading on to find out everything.

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Infinite Stratos: About the Show

Infinite Stratos

Infinite Stratos is a mecha anime that is based on a light novel by the same name. The show was released back in the early 2010’s and was met with a generally warm response. The series revolves around the main weapon, Infinite Stratos itself, that is employed by the women of the show. The show is predominantly filled with feminine figures and makes no point of hiding it. The fan popularity for the show is also sizable and hence the wait for Infinite Stratos season 3. The show was followed up with an OVA later which was well received by fans and the season 2 was released. The second season of the show again got a warm response from the fans.

But since then, there have been no talks about a renewal of the show. It has simply not been on the books or in the talks. The producers of the show are also not too keen on it. So the fans are getting antsy and there is talk of whether the show would even ever be renewed for season 3.

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Infinite Stratos Season 3: Is It On The Cards

infinite stratos season 3

Now comes the question whether a season 3 of the immensely popular and amazing show is even on the books. Infinite Stratos season 3 is a well known anime around the world and is surely not a bad investment for producers. But the fact is that they might just be waiting for the written material to see through its conclusion and include that in season 3. However, since the five year mark has been crossed on this one, it seems highly unlikely that the show is ever really going to return. It is a sad thing for sure, but it is what it is. Animes rarely ever return after such a long break. That is not to say that Infinite Stratos season 3 is completely off the table, but the facts don’t point to a very good possibility of a renewal for the show.

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Infinite Stratos Season 3: Release Date

But considering everything above, given the small ray of hope, if there is going to be an Infinite Stratos season 3, it is probably not going to be out soon. Even if the show was to be announced tomorrow, the earliest timeline we might be looking at is 2023. So we wouldn’t hold our breath over it as there is still a lot of time to come. 18 months is the minimum period after the announcement the show would take. Hence our estimate time.

Tl;dr: Infinite Stratos Season 3 may come out as early as 2023.

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Infinite Stratos: Where to Watch

Now while you might not get to watch season 3 of the show, you can still enjoy what we do have, and that is the first two seasons. Now the question is where do you stream them.

The easiest and recommended way to watch Infinite Stratos is through Crunchyroll. You may stream from the site and watch as you wish

The anime also currently holds a rating of 6.7 on MyAnimeList, our preferred web portal for everything related to anime. So that is a very average rating, hence we don’t strongly recommend the anime but it is a good watch if you’re bored.

infinite stratos poster

What do you think about the show? Is it one you like? Are you one of those waiting for the third season? Do you think it might be on the cards? If so, how? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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