Iron Fist Season 3: Latest News

How many of you here are Marvel fans? I know that a major portion of you are fans of the DC Extended Universe, but that doesn’t always translate to the Marvel fanbase, especially with the strong rivalry that they share. So it is always a question at the back of my mind between Marvel and DC. With the announcement of so many new shows and movies by DC, it has been hard to keep a track of what Marvel has been doing in the background. The comic book studio, which has silently been renewing its already huge library of shows and movies, is doing well in maintaining its position in the market. The second season of Iron Fist dropped over 2 years ago and was well received by fans. Which brought up speculation of Iron Fist Season 3.

Now I’m a fan of Iron Fist as much as the next guy, but the hype this time was totally unreal. Even though it has been a long time since season 2 came out, the hype surrounding it has been out of proportion for any canceled Marvel series. The first season of Iron Fist met with a generally lukewarm response and didn’t really move any mountains in the grand scheme of things. So expectations for the second season were quite tempered in accordance with that. But it went above and beyond what everyone expected of it and gave birth to a new fan base for Iron Fist. And now everyone is calling for an Iron Fist Season 3. And with the show officially canceled whether it will ever return is as good as anyone’s guess. So let us talk about all that we know about Iron Fist Season 3 so far.

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Iron Fist Season 3: All We Know

Iron Fist Season 3

Iron Fist Season 3 was canceled in an unexpected move by Marvel and Netflix. The show had an unsatisfactory first season, following which the second season blew everyone away, and surpassed all expectations. Which would lead many to believe that the show would return for a third season. But it was canceled anyway. Iron Fist Season 2 ended on a game changing cliffhanger that left the fans without any closure for the series as it was canceled shortly after. This suggested to me that the plans were already laid out for Iron Fist Season 3, and it seems that I was right.

In recent news, the star of the show, Finn Jones revealed more about the show, and how it being canceled was such a disappointment for him, because it did not reach its full potential, and shared all the expectations that he had from it.

“Raven, who was the showrunner for the second season, and I were sure that there was gonna be a Season 3, so we had already devised the whole thing. I was so excited to get into that. It really was gonna be about Danny finally assuming the role of the Iron Fist, fully accomplished, fully charged up, and fully in control of his shit, as well. It was gonna be this amazing story with Danny and Ward off in foreign lands as a buddy storyline almost. And then, you had Colleen in New York, isolated with this new power, struggling to come to terms with her identity and with this power. At some point, we would have met again and probably formed this crazy power couple or superhero relationship,” Jones revealed in his statement.

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What is the future of Iron Fist?

Iron Fist Season 3

Needless to say, he was quite distraught with the cancelation of his show, and we would share his sorrow. While the official reasons are obviously not revealed to the public, it is said that it was a business move by Marvel as Disney launched its own streaming platform. Given Netflix directly competes with Disney+, it makes financial and strategic sense for Marvel to take their content off Netflix and onto the new platform. Marvel’s decision to cancel the entire universe revolving around it was one that left many fans unhappy and wasn’t a good one in the sense of its public image.

There is a silver lining though. Given the way that Marvel has been bringing back its own characters to the MCU and the multiverse that they are building, Iron Fist might just have a return planned for him. But as always, it remains to be seen what Marvel decides to do about it. And whether they will recast it, or continue as it was.

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Iron Fist Season 3: Final Words

Given everything that has happened so far, I feel that it is safe to say that Iron Fist is gone for good. At least the Iron Fist that we know from Netflix, is probably never going to return unless Marvel has a sudden change of heart. So moving on is the best thing that we can do about it. And hope that Marvel makes it up to the fans who were distraught by the move.

Iron Fist is streaming on Netflix. You may watch it at the following link:

Watch Iron Fist on Netflix

Iron Fist currently holds a rating of 6.4 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for the show down below:

What do you think about Marvel’s move to cancel the show? Do you agree with it? Or do you think it was a massive disappointment? Let me know in the comments down below.

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