John And The Hole: A Sociopathic Thriller That Leaves You Wondering

John and the Hole might just be one of the most interesting releases this year. It is the sort of film that doesn’t come along that frequently, but when it does, it is always a welcome affair. And that is really where the appeal of these films lies. It is in their infrequency. Too much and you start feeling dead inside, while too little makes your inner masochist go crazy with desire. Another thing is that such releases are really difficult to pull off. It has a very high risk of coming off as a sociopathic violence fest with no substance and all show. On the other hand, it is also very difficult to capture the maniacal tendencies that these characters have. And that is what makes John and the Hole so interesting. It is this constant tug of war between two extremes.

John and the Hole is a horrifying psychological thriller that follows a mentally disturbed boy as he pushes his family deep into a hole – quite literally. John has an inclination towards sociopathy and that is the main subject of this production. With a love for violence and a propensity towards torture: psychological, verbal, and physical – you name it. The movie is quite an intense one and will really have you on the edge of your seats at times. At the same time, the masochistic tendencies of the film will have you sinking deep into your seats. It is really a juxtaposition of sorts and will leave you confused. We have seen movies like this before and really loved them. Movies like Orphan belong to this genre and we all know the sort of popularity and love those movies enjoy. That is why we had such high hopes.

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John And The Hole: The Review

John and the Hole

John and the Hole is undoubtedly one of the most interesting movies that we have reviewed so far in 2021. Now we are not revealing whether it is a good movie or a bad one, but it is certainly one we needed a lot of time to review. It is mainly because of the way the movie plays out. At the beginning of the movie, we begin to see the sort of plot the writer and the director decided to go for. The problems are already apparent in the first ten minutes. John, the main character in the story, isn’t like any other regular boy. With a strong disposition to disturbing elements and physical torture and psychological manipulation, John borders on psychopathic behavior. Sociopathy is definitely on the table, and well explored within the movie.

We see John having behavioral problems at school, where he is quite a trying student, in spite of having the necessary solutions to everything. It is more of a choice to be difficult and trying to his peers and mentors. And the same behavior carries over to other areas of his life. So it is not as if it is a problem only with his school. John clearly has issues, and the movie explores these issues in detail. In the upcoming minutes and hours of the movie, we can see the way John treats his family. His family usually shrugs off his bad behavior, but the same cannot be said about his internet buddies, with who he plays. Swearing like a sailor, John can be seen hurling all sorts of insults and in general, being a very bad person.

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The Climax

John and the Hole

In the most disturbing moments of the movie, we can see John getting high on pills, being crazy, and being reckless like a drug addict. Pain doesn’t seem to bother him anymore. And all that matters is the sadistic pleasures that he craves so much. One thing leads to another, and the supposed Hole in the name of the movie comes into play. It is this hole, in which John traps his entire family after knocking them out, and keeps them trapped there. Down in the dumps, 20 feet deep. It is at this moment that the family comes to the realization of what John is, and what he has become. It is quite an impactful and revelatory moment, as the family comes to terms with their ignorance and willful neglect of the 13 year old child.

In the meanwhile, John is supposedly living the life that he always wanted to. Armed with his family’s fortune, we can see him cruising the streets, hitting the stores, taking what he wants, and generally enjoying himself. It shows the sadistic nature as well as the apathy of the kid towards his family, and the general lack of care and concern he has experienced as a child. Even when his family is starving down in the hole, all that John cares to do is throw them a pack of food and leave them trapped down there. It is at this moment that it really strikes home to the family the extent to which they have lost their youngest member to psychopathy. A very complex climax to say the least. Not that we are happy or complaining about it.

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John and the Hole: Should You Watch It

John and the Hole brings together a lot of stellar performances as well as an interesting premise with a lot of potential to the table. The movie plays very well into the whole sadomasochism ideal and really plays its cards based on that. We also like the way some of the scenes were done, bringing the movie to life. However, the complexity of the movie also happens to be its downfall. It is not that the complexity of the movie is a bad thing in itself. It is that the way John and the Hole was made, the complexity doesn’t make sense. At one end, it is a weekend flick that has us following a mad psychopathic kid that is intent on destroying his family and inflicting pure torture. And on the other hand, the movie tries to explore the things that made John the way that he is. It is a very contradictory movie in that sense.

These two parts of the movie just don’t go well together. The movie has us confused which part of it we are supposed to enjoy, and in the end, it is too much of a bother to actually enjoy. So we would not really recommend the movie. It is okay for a watch if you’re out of things to watch, but we wouldn’t tell you to go out of the way to watch it. And it is nothing to really write home about. Strictly average is the name of the game here.

However, another movie that we would compare this one to is American Ultra: A Weirdly Weird Movie.

John and the Hole: Where to Watch

John and the Hole

John and the Hole is currently available in select theaters and limited streaming platforms online in very limited areas. The movie has come out just a short while ago so availability is very limited. If you want to watch the movie, you might check out your local theater for their show times. But other than that, you are pretty much out of luck. However, in the coming time, you can expect the movie to debut on OTT platforms as well as on TV. So if you can wait, then that is a good option. The movie is also going to be available on DVD in some time. Till then, it is a waiting game.

John and the Hole currently holds a rating of 5.5 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all tv shows and movies.

You may watch the trailer for John and the Hole here

What are your thoughts on John and the Hole? Did you like it? Are you still waiting to watch it? Let us know in the comments down below.

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