Jolt: The Full Movie Review

Jolt is the sort of movie that you watch with your siblings or your friends. Or the sort of movie that you catch on the TV over the weekend as you’re laying around lazily with nothing better to do. In fact, given who is starring in the movie, you can be sure of the fact it is one that is highly anticipated too. It is a science fiction action comedy that never lets down with its action and comical jabs. In fact, given the premise of the movie, Jolt is one that we have been looking forward to review. It is the sort of movie we used to watch when we were younger, but that slowly lost its charm. Nevertheless, it feels good to go back to this category of movies, no matter how cliche they might be.

Recently, the trailer for Jolt was revealed on Amazon Prime and a good many people got a glimpse at the movie. But there are still a lot many that are not convinced whether they should watch the movie. And this review is for those people to make the decision of spending time on Jolt. Starring Kate Beckinsale in the lead role, Jolt is one that would get a lot of audience based on the presence of the star actress alone. After all, Beckinsale is an industry icon, and we have just loved the way she has performed in her old performances. Van Helsing comes to mind, and so does Underworld. But does she deliver the same level of finesse in Jolt? Read our full Jolt movie review to find out.

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Jolt: The Review

At its very core, Jolt is an action oriented comedy that follows the life of Lindy, a girl who suffers from uncontrolled rage and anger issues. But that’s not all. Fueled by her anger, Lindy gains superstrength that has the potential to cause a lot of damage and death. And the only way she can calm herself down and prevent catastrophe is by zapping herself with an electric discharge, or a Jolt, whenever the rage comes over her. Quite inconvenient for her, we must say. All of this makes for an entertaining movie that doesn’t have you bored for even one minute.

We then follow Lindy as she grows up. Even as a grown up, she has the same issues and must continue hitting herself with Jolts to keep her sanity, and prevent accidents. But things don’t really go according to plan as she gets involved in the murder of her blind date. Driven by even more anger and sorrow, she takes it upon herself to find out the cause of all that is happening to her, and exact revenge on the one who caused it. Again, as we said, the premise for the movie is enough in itself to keep you hooked. And it makes for endless entertainment, though mindless at its very core. It’s an action flick that will keep you occupied with its frequent comical scenes and glamorous displays of violence.

Is It Good?

Jolt is a very fun movie and one that we really liked. It really builds its value on the fact that it isn’t trying to do a lot, yet pleasing us with what it really has. It is a movie with very low ambition for itself, butone that makes up for it by overdelivering on its promises. And that is really the sort of thing you can’t complain about. Sure, the plot could have been a lot better, and a many other things could’ve been handled ambitiously. But Jolt doesn’t need all of that. It is happy being the movie that it is. And that is its biggest win. So while it’s not the best film out there, it is certainly a good one. And sometimes, that is more than enough.

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Jolt: The Verdict

Jolt Movie Review

If we had to help you decide on whether you should watch the movie, we’d recommend it. Jolt is a really fun and entertaining movie full of mind numbingly dumb sequences and  violence. And we just love it. We love how it achieves what it tries to go for, and delivers on all that it promises. It is going to be a strong recommendation from our side. So do watch it if you get the chance. Just go in with zero expectations and the movie should surprise you.

The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, so you may watch it by clicking the link here.

The movie currently holds a rating of 5.5 out of 10 on IMDb, our preferred platform for movies and TV show.

What do you think about the movie? Do you like it? Do you agree with the review? Let us know in the comments down below.

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