Karen Trailer Release Date: All You Need To Know

It is not a rare occurrence to come across videos of supposed “Karens” on the internet. The Karen trend started off a few years ago on the internet. Since then, people have been pretty outspoken about the trend and have had a lot to say about racism and Karens. The trend can usually be seen in videos of white women racially profiling back people. At least that is what the most common content related to the trend is. Youtube is full of Karen videos. And now it seems that Taryn Manning has decided to cash in on the trend and star in a movie on the same. The movie, quite ridiculously, is called Karen. And it is based on white women stereotyping black people. Irony is the name of the game here. Keep reading on to find out more about the movie Karen.

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Karen: About the Movie

Karen is exactly what it sounds like. It is about the stereotypical white woman who trashes black people and always asks for the manager. In fact, it is a running gag throughout the trailer. The lead can always be seen asking for the manager. The humour is definitely there. And the movie itself seems so absurd. The movie is sure to be a laughter riot, and the cast is excellent too. Taryn Manning from Orange is the New Black is a phenomenal actor and she plays Karen White here. She will surely be slaying it in her role and we expect a lot.

Karen is a horror thriller that follows Manning who is on a quest against black people. She is the woman of every black person’s nightmares. Passing racial remarks everywhere, and planning to even hurt black people, she is not a good woman. She is a real Karen. And stuff really gets real when she picks up a gun on her quest to hurt black people.

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Karen: Release Date

While the trailer for the movie has been released, we don’t really have a release date for the movie yet. It is quite unfortunate that the trailer is here without the release date, but it is what it is. And that’s just the reality of it. Although going by existing trends, we can expect the movie to drop by the end of 2022. That is if we are lucky. But we don’t expect it to come out before then.

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Karen: Where To Watch

The trailer for the movie Karen is out, but we don’t really know where the movie will be available for streaming. It has to be one of BET’s platforms as it comes from the house. But other than that, the trailer is all we have for now. We presume that the movie is going to be available on major streaming platforms on release. A worldwide release might not be on the table given the sensitive topic though. So not a lot can really be said about the movie right now.

Karen has a lot of expectations rising on its back, and some people are even in disbelief. The movie is going to be a huge move in anti racism. So it remains to be seen what the movie turns out to be.

Karen Trailer

What do you think is going to happen? When will the movie come out and how controversial is it going to be? Do you think it will be on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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