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Batman: The Long Halloween, one of the most well-known Batman stories, has just gotten a new chapter. It is the latest chapter in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s examination of the Dark Knight’s early days and his foes. Based on the DC Comics narrative of the same name, Batman: The Long Halloween is a 2021 American two-part animated direct-to-video superhero film produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment. It’s the 42nd instalment in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series.

The Extensive Halloween Part One was an excellent translation of the popular Batman comic, skirting the edges of Gotham’s more bizarre nature while weaving it into a gripping crime tale. Part Two expands the universe, and despite a few liberties, it worked in the end.


What’s in Batman: The Long Halloween Part One?

Johnny Viti, nephew of Gotham City mafia lord Carmine “The Roman” Falcone, is assassinated on Halloween by an unknown stranger who leaves a jack-o’-lantern at the crime scene. Captain James Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department summons District Attorney Harvey Dent and Gotham’s vigilante Batman to investigate the crime.

Catwoman leads Batman to Falcone’s cash stash, followed by Dent. Dent decides to destroy the money rather than shift it lawfully based on a coin flip. Falcone retaliates by hiring Mickey Chen to blast Dent’s home. Dent and his wife Gilda are both alive, although Dent is in the hospital. Chen is pursued by Batman down to the sewers, where he meets Solomon Grundy.

Grundy is persuaded to spare Chen, and Batman transports him to the GCPD. Due to a lack of proof linking him to the incident, Batman and Gordon are obliged to let him go. Gordon tells Batman to brush up on his investigative skills.

Falcone informs his son Alberto on Thanksgiving that he will never inherit the family company. Dent makes his way out of the hospital and finds Gordon, who hands him a revolver as protection. Chen and his accomplices are assassinated that night by Viti’s assassin.

Gordon and Batman interview Calendar Man in Arkham Asylum on Christmas Eve about the identity of the killer known as “Holiday.” Calendar Man suspects Falcone, Sal Maroni, and Dent, and labels Batman’s anti-crime crusade a “joke.” The Joker has escaped from Arkham, Batman realises.


What’s in Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two?

The Holiday murderer has attacked the Falcone and Maroni families on Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, and April Fools’ Day in the three months after Alberto’s death. Meanwhile, under the influence of Poison Ivy, Bruce has handed over a large portion of his assets to Falcone. Ivy is defeated by Catwoman, and Bruce is rescued.

Scarecrow eludes Arkham Asylum on Mother’s Day. Scarecrow injects Batman with his fear-inducing chemical when Batman intervenes, causing him to relive the night of his parents’ death. Catwoman tracks down Batman in an alleyway and returns him to his house.

Sofia, Falcone’s daughter, requests a place at the family table, which Falcone declines. Gordon and Dent interrogate Bruce about Holiday, noting his family’s ties to Falcone in the past. Bruce recalls meeting Falcone as a child when his father saved his life during a Maronis assassination attempt.

Holiday assassinates Maroni’s father, Luigi, on Father’s Day. Falcone pays a mob hitman at the cemetery, which Catwoman observes. In return for amnesty, Maroni meets with Dent and promises to testify against Falcone.

On July 4th, Scarecrow and Mad Hatter kidnap Batman while robbing a bank for Falcone. As they drop off the cash in the cemetery, he escapes and defeats them. During the fireworks show on the boardwalk, Falcone’s hitman strikes Dent and Gilda. Catwoman steps in, but the hitman knocks her and Dent out. When Dent wakes up, he discovers the hitman is dead.


Batman: The Long Halloween

What’s More Interesting?

Carla Viti, Falcone’s sister, openly accuses Dent of being Holiday. While Dent is in court with Maroni, Batman runs into Gordon and tells him that he discovered Holiday’s firearms in the Dents’ basement.

Maroni accuses Dent of being Holiday and pours acid in his face in the midst of court. Dent is taken to the hospital, but he manages to flee and is apprehended by Falcone’s men. Dent assassinates his bodyguards and flees into the sewers, where he is cared for by Solomon Grundy. Carla is murdered by Holiday on Falcone’s birthday.

Dent and Grundy assault Maroni’s jail convoy on Labor Day. Batman subdues Grundy while posing as Maroni’s guard, but Maroni is shot by Holiday from another building. Dent, Grundy, and Holiday are able to flee.

Alfred prepares for another Halloween at Wayne Manor, as Bruce examines his motivations for battling crime. Regardless of his parents’ ties to the mob, Alfred tells him that they would have been proud of him.


Wrapping Up

On a technical level, The Long Halloween Part Two is just as well-animated as, if not better than, the previous picture. It has the characteristic ‘dark and gritty’ tone that Batman has been renowned for since Tim Burton’s 1989 feature. Overall, if you enjoyed Part One, The Long Halloween Part Two will more than satisfy on a variety of levels, and will hopefully hold fans over until the next Batman feature arrives.

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