When Will We See the Lodge Season 2?

Horror Movies always excite teenagers. The Lodge is one such movie.

The writers of the Lodge are Franz and Sergio Casei. The Lodge is directed by Veronica Franz and Severin Fiala and produced by Simon Voakes and Aliza James.

It was released on Feb 7, 2020, in The US. The watching of The Lodge is 108 minutes. At Box Office, it earned $ 3 million, which is impressive for the production. The talented work of the cast impresses you all along.


Plot: What Is the Plotline of the Lodge?

The Lodge is a Psychological horror thriller drama written by Franz and Sergio. This movie revolves around a woman named Grace with some dark past and her Boyfriend’s children. Grace was a survivor of Christain mass Suicide. Her father’s vision sometimes haunts her which is why she is on medication. Richard and his children spend time in her ancestral Lodge with Grace in Massachusetts.

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Richard returns to the city because of work obligations. Here children are not happy with Grace and become hostile. One morning, Grace don’t find her belongings and her pet. Children have the same problem. They conclude that they are in Purgatory. Grace starts suffering due to lack of medication, Starts Sleepwalking and Awkward behaviour. She experienced the nightmare of her father while sleeping and his voice in the morning.

Lodge Season 2

Her condition starts getting pathic and worrisome for children. Aden and Mia doing a prank on her.

Grace had a firm belief in evil and witches. she tells them they have to sacrifice something for it, They start to experience similar unwanted events in the Lodge. Aden and Mia are not feeling safe with Grace because she becomes mentally ill.

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They were hiding from her and waiting for their dad to come. Grace wants them to suffer. She experiences a nervous breakdown and is in the state of Catatonia. Her Conditions were similar to her mother. She stills thinks they are in Purgatory.

Richard comes and to prove that they are in Purgatory she shot and he dies. Children want to escape but failed.

In the last scene, They are at the dinner table with their father’s corpse.

Lodge Season 2

When Can We Watch the Lodge?

There is no Update on the new part of The Lodge so far.

Part one was released on Feb 7, 2020, in the US.

The teenage audience liked it. The ambiguous ending creates cues for the second part.

Names of the Characters Involve in the Lodge?

1. Riley Keough Played the role of Grace Marshall. (Girlfriend of Richard. Mentally challenged and suffering from Catatonia)

2. Lola Reid Played the role of young Grace

3. Jaeden Martell Played the role of Aiden Hall( Teenage son of Richard. Mastermind behind the deadly Prank.)

4. Lia McHugh Played the role of Mia Hall. ( younger sister of Aiden)

5. Richard Armitage Played the role of Richard Hall. Father of Aiden and Mia. Boyfriend of Grace Marshall)

6. Alicia Silverstone Played the role of Laura Hall

7. Danny Keough Played the role of Aaron Marshall.

Where We Can Watch The Lodge?

In the era of Fun, Action, and, Comedy The Lodge makes its way to the hearts of the audience. It was Premiered on Feb 7, 2020. in the US. Amazon Prime is Host for the Lodge.

You Watch this Movie also on i tunes.

What Are the Ratings of the Lodge on Different Platforms?

Horror movies are popular among youngsters and teenagers. They want an adrenaline rush, and The Lodge Provides plenty.

The rating of the Lodge on IMDb is 6.1. Rotten tomatoes are 74%.


The Lodge explains The things are not black and white but grey.

Man is not born evil but circumstances make him.

Riley is doing great work in such a short period. Alicia Silverstone comes back after so long makes the audience cheerful. Lia and Jaeden impress and surprise you with their craft.

The Lodge used one of the best locations and set up for the Psychological Horror movies. This Movie takes cues from the classics like The Shining and some new ones like the witch and Carrie. It is better than most contemporary horror movies.

if you are a genuine fan of darkness then this movie is for you.

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