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The best way to watch the latest feature from Pixar, Luca is when you’re that kinda exhausted that comes from a long day at work. We’d say taking out a huge projector so you can watch it in your garden or balcony as the sun starts to set. Well, ideally with some waffles to give you a sweet company. In short, this is just about the perfect summer movie. Here, in tis article we have brought to you a juicy “Luca Review”.

You must be wondering what Luca is about? So basically, it’s a growing story about sea creatures. It is directed by Enrico Casarosa, who also directed Pixar’s 2011 short La Luna previously. Luca (played by Jacob Tremblay) is a young monster who lives in a shelter on a family farm under the sea, on the whole unconscious to the human world above him. Most of what he is aware of comes from his parents who say that the “land monsters are here to do murders.” Perhaps because of this feeling of danger, he’s attracted by the human world.

He piles up random stuff, like playing cards and alarm clocks, and wonders what the world out of the ocean is like. He was best friends with Ariel. Then other day, he finds another young monster called Alberto (played by Jack Dylan Grazer) who lived on the land. Luca’s growing obsession with the human world stretches to its peak when he notices a poster on Alberto’s wall that simply reads “Vespa is freedom”. Right then and there both decide that they have to have a Vespa.

Luca Review

The huge turn in Luca is that the sea monsters transforms into humans when they’re outside the water. So Luca and Alberto are successful in pretending to be human when they pay a visit to nearby Italian seaside village looking for the scooter of their dreams. Eventually, they outline a plan, taking the help of a new human friend called Giulia they go into a triathlon. Through this, they can use the prize money to buy a Vespa.

The base of the movie is the growing friendship of Alberto and Luca. Both are near polar opposites. Luca is cautious yet imaginative. Alberto on the other hand is brash and prone to taking risks. They motivate each other in different ways. Alberto helps Luca with audacious bike rides and other stunts while Luca brings to Alberto that there’s more to life than just having fun.

Mostly, Luca’s story goes with the expected beats. Both of them become close, eventually clash, and come to blows to deal the influence of Giulia on their relationship. They adjust to the human world as they train for the competition. Luca learns to ride a bike and Alberto struggles to operate a fork and find new pleasures like gelato. Simultaneously, there’s a continuous sense of danger. Every time it rains I’m anxious that the boys will be caught, which is scary considering how much the villagers hate on sea monsters.

However, I never cared about the foreseeable nature of Luca as it’s just so charming. There’s a real tactual sensation to the excitement. The undulate effect when a sea monster turns into a person is irritating yet satisfying.

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Luca has the energy of a stop-motion production, with exaggerated characters that look like they’re made of toothpicks and plasticine. All of it helps to add to the movie’s cozy nature. Simultaneously, there’s variability as this is a CG film particularly when you see the sea creatures swimming like otters. Looking at the pair of friend race through the water, jump like dolphins, and change forms continuously in the process gives an incredible feeling of freedom.

Luca Review

Wrapping Up

Like most Pixar films, Luca isn’t exactly trailblazing. It is a family-friendly story that’s hugely easy to foretell. However, that does not take anything away from the grand emotional beats. It’s dreadful to watch when the guys battle. It melts your heart when they help a friendless Giulia come across friendship. The tale concludes with a very clean and clear message about acceptance. Yet I couldn’t help but have wet eyes at the end. Luca sets a mood that fits just right in with a warm summer night.

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