Madagascar 4: Could The Franchise Make A Comeback?

Madagascar is one of the most loved animated franchises of all time, and has been one of the best animation movies that we have seen till now. With the release of the first movie, Dreamworks had stumbled onto something that could change the course of the studio forever. It was a cute and wholesome story that revolved around four Central Park Zoo animals that had been sheltered their whole life and then suddenly had to face the reality of their origins. The concept got so popularized within the public that the first movie itself went on to be a massive commercial success, with the sequels breaking record after record, and putting the name of the franchise in the history books. But what happened to Madagascar 4? Why hasn’t it come out yet? Read on to find out the status of the long lost film.

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Madagascar 4: About The Movie

Madagascar 4


Madagascar 4 is the fourth film in the Madagascar franchise that follows the story of our beloved circus animals. The first movie came out in 2005, and showed the story of the four circus animals who had been stranded on Madagascar, and in a bid to survive, had to turn back to their animal instincts. The movie followed the animals as they eventually discovered their true selves and took the viewers on a colorful journey through Madagascar.

The movie also employed some really talented voices in the form of Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith, and David Schwimmer. The film was a massive commercial success, and was loved by audiences the world over. This made way for more entries into the franchise, and the subsequent sequels.

Then, in 2008, Madagascar returned for its second film, and got a reaction that was even bigger than the first one. It was a film that set a new benchmark for the franchise, and surpassed the first one in almost every manner. But this was not the end of the franchise, as the talented cast again returned for one final time in 2012, for Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. This was the film that showed people the potential of the franchise. Madagascar 3 went on to make 750 Million US Dollars worldwide, and was by far the most successful film of the franchise.

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Madagascar 4: The Future

Madagascar 4

With the success of the third movie in the franchise, things have always been good for Madagascar, and it resulted in the Penguins of Madagascar movie, which was a small spinoff to the original. Eventually, with the release of the spinoff, Dreamworks officially announced the existence of Madagascar 4, and confirmed a May 2018 release date for the movie.

Things, however, did not go exactly as planned. In the time after the announcement, Dreamworks Animations announced its policy of releasing only two movies each year in favour of quality. This meant that Madagascar 4, which was scheduled for 2018, had to be put on hold. Following the announcement, Dreamworks went silent on the fate of the Madagascar franchise, and has given no update on it whatsover.

What is confirmed is, however, is the fact that Madagascar 4 is still on the table. The director of the movie confirmed so some years later, and stipulated that the franchise will return for one final movie, and then that will be it.

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Madagascar 4: When Could It Come Out

Given the fact that Dreamworks has no official statement to give about the franchise, we can safely assume that it has been put on hold for now. Nevertheless, it is expected that the movie will eventually come out, barring a shocking cancelation from the studio. However, we cannot state when the movie will come out, given the fact that we don’t even have a trailer yet. But given the fact that animation hiatuses can sometimes sprawl decades, we would not hold our breath for this one.

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Madagascar 4: Final Words

Madagascar 4

With all that we know so far, I am quite positive that Madagascar 4 will indeed happen. It is too valuable of an investment for Dreamworks to simply let go of. And the fans are waiting patiently for it. However, the “when’ of it is still not known, and it would not be wise to speculate on it.

In the meanwhile, you may catch up on the franchise, if you haven’t done so already.

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What do you think about Madagascar 4? Do you think it will happen? Or is Dreamworks done with the franchise? Let me know in the comments down below.

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