Madam Secretary Season 7: What Is The Future For The Show?

A lot of you here are fans of the show Madam Secretary, and there is a huge portion of our patriotic audience which has been asking for more information about the future of the show for a long time now. Given all of that, it is only natural for us to get into the subject of Madam Secretary Season 7 today. A lot of people have been worried about the renewal of the show for a long time since season 6 came out. With what has been happening in the world, some have had their doubts about the pandemic affecting the timing of the show or even affecting financial decisions related ot it. There are a lot of theories going on out there, and it is all because of the uncertainty that has been publically made about the show.

So what exactly is the case with Madam Secretary Season 7? Why is that after almost 3 years, we still haven’t been able to get hands on the show’s newest season. There has to be a reason for all of it. And I know that all of you are really excited to know more about it. So I will get into all of that and explain the future of the show. For those of you who are not familiar with the show, we are also going to get into a bit more detail about it so that you can decide whether it is one for you, and if it is worth the watch. With all that said, let us get right into the discussion and talk about the show.

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Madam Secretary Season 7: About the Show

Madam Secretary Season 7

How many of you are patriotic citizens here? If you are, then you know that in the mind of every patriot, they want to serve their country and to make things change for the better. There is always work to be done, and there are always the bad guys to fight. Our Madam Secretary, Elizabeth McCord, is built the same way. A woman with a heart of steel, she is one who steps up into the race for the Secretary of State, and ends up in the chair overlooking her fair share of responsibilities, along with all the miscreants who make her job more difficult and are a pain to bear everyday. But that is just the way of life in politics, is it not? Anyway, McCord is a patriot, and she will do anything to make a change, and to make her mark. Some draw parallels to Hilary Clinton, but it is best to leave such things up to the politicians.

Of course, with the position of the Secretary of State, there come a lot of challenges. McCord faces a lot of struggle and is faced with a lot of friction from her acquaintances and her coworkers when she joins the force. As a woman, things don’t get easier for her as those around her keep underestimating her and don’t really let her do the work that she is really there to do. Coupled with the opposition who is always willing to drag her down, she is no ordinary Secretary of State as she handles it all like a boss. This was also well received by the audiences who complimented the show for taking a good social stand for the issue and making it a point to be inclusive to everyone and to highlight the struggles of holding the office.

It is definitely an America centric show, but it makes some points that are highly universal. And that is perhaps one of its greatest redeeming qualities. I personally really love the show and think that it has a lot to offer to those who are not really experiences with these sort of things and have a rough understanding of how things work in politics. It does remind me of the famous show The Good Wife a bit, because that is one which has a lot of the same underlying themes throughout its run. In fact, a lot of parallels can be drawn here, and you would be surprised with what the show has to offer, so I am really comfortable recommending that you watch this one if you have the slightest inclination towards politics. It will definitely be worth the watch.

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Madam Secretary Season 7: The Future

Madam Secretary Season 7

Coming to the future of the show, Madam Secretary Season 6 was one that had a lot going on and the season prior made a lot of big revelations for the fans that no one really predicted. However, we all know that most people who step into office and run for any of the positions only do so for a limited time. Anyone who becomes Secretary of State only does so for a short period of time and eventually they run for even bigger chairs. And the same is the case with McCord. After her term as the Secretary of State, in the sixth season of the show, our beloved Madam Secretary decides to run for Presidency. This is a big change for the show as the whole point of the show was to show her term as the secretary of state, and this is also something that the show creators have been very vocal about since the beginning of the show.

So when it was announced that McCord would be running for Presidency, it had already become quite evident that the show might be approaching its end now. It wasn’t something that could be said for sure, but it was certainly on the cards. And then, as we saw her running for Presidency in the sixth season, she won. McCord had to step down as the Secretary of State and had to take her position as the President. And that had to mean that the story of Madam Secretary was at an end. And so, Madam Secretary Season 7 is really never going to happen. Because McCord is not the Secretary of State anymore, and she surely isn’t going to be returning. The sixth season was the final season for the show.

All of this means that Madam Secretary has effectively ended and the story can now only continue if the show was to follow McCord into her Presidency. However, the title of the show would beg to disagree. But since we are talking about the future of the show, maybe someday the creators of the show decide to get back together and create another one known as Madam President. Our beloved McCord was loved by a lot of people and lot of the audience became really close to the show, so it would be really amazing if that could happen. However, there are other things to consider. The fact is that the show was already on a decline when it was announced that the sixth season was going to be the final season for the show.

Over the years, ratings for Madam Secretary had been on a constant and slow decline, and so the creators decided to cancel Madam Secretary Season 7. It simply wasn’t viable anymore and it wasn’t going down that well with the audience. The show was not bad, but it was simply not as good as the debut seasons. And so, they decided that the show needed to end. Given that fact, it is a little unlikely that the show is going to return in the form of a spinoff. Given that 3 years have already passed, the chances are all the more unlikely. So this is all we are probably ever going to have.

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Madam Secretary Season 7: Final Words

With all that said, it is a shame that Madam Secretary Season 7 was canceled, and we surely would have loved to see more of it. But the show really is over, and there is nothing that can be done about it. But we can enjoy the six seasons that we do have. So I would recommend that you watch the show for what it has to offer. It is really entertaining and worth your time.

Madam Secretary is currently streaming on Paramount+. You may check it out at the following link:

Watch Madam Secretary on Paramount+

The show currently holds a rating of 7.6 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for the show here:

What are your thoughts on the show? Did you enjoy it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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