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MandM Direct Review in 2021

MandM Direct Review in 2021

To all those who are looking for an amazing website where you can look for every renowned and popular brand for clothing for women, men, kids, and their footwear as well. Well, now you do not have to be worried about not finding any because we are here with a solution to your problem. Here we have an amazing website where you can easily search for the most popular brand in a single place, also with such an amazing clothing/ fashion collection. This brand which we are going to introduce you to is named MandM Direct. So, basically, it is a website that has a collection of many different renowned brands and also offers you ease in shopping and comfortability with the website handle. 

You might have already known about this brand but still, I will give a brief overview on it because I will tell you some very amazing things about this brand, which you might have not been aware of and chances you might not get these things with other brands.

MandM Direct is a very renowned brand in terms of clothing and fashion for everyone, which I have already mentioned above to you all. MandM Direct has a specialty of being different or say is unique in the all-over market. Their uniqueness as a brand is a matter of pride for them as a company. They are the brand that comes as a boon in so many of the lives who vouch for branded items, so if you are one of them then this is your green flag. This brand MandM Direct offers you the world’s biggest brands at the lowest prices which you will never be able to find anywhere else.

And do you know how they even do it?

As we all know no business will ever gonna tell how much their businesses run, but this MandM Direct will never disappoint you without giving you an answer. Well, the answer to this question is just very simple, that we directly source all their inventory from the brands, licensees, and suppliers. Because even as a big brand they also hunt for the bargains and big discounts, do offer their customers even lesser prices from the market. 

As a customer, I could tell that each and every one of us always look for the opportunities to buy the best quality of product at the most reasonable rate, also very trendy especially when looking for the category of clothing, footwear & accessories. So, we understand what everyone as a customer vouch for when shopping. This MandM Direct has built long-term relationships with a lot of other different brands and companies over time and has currently more than 150 brands of stock ready with them. All of these are between the ranging of big household names to almost up-and-coming labels.
Although, we have already given you a big idea about the prices of the products MandM Direct offers to their customers, which no other one possibly can. Well, this is because MandM Direct directly makes deals with all the brands they offer to you, makes the best deal, bargains as much as they can, and then avails it for their own customer. 

And do you know what is the idea behind selling all the branded products at a lot more discounted prices than others? Because they want their customers to make the best potential deals with the brands they love to carry and buy. One more really cool thing about this brand is that they actually keep all this stuff in their warehouse in ready-to-ship conditions because they understand how irritating the wait can really be. Therefore, once you make the order you are gonna get your order in as soon as possible without a doubt. Also, MandM Direct is very selective with their collection, they always come up with the coolest collection, which is why it is a little hard to find the same product after a few times of its drop. As a MandM Direct customer, you have to be really quick and smart after their new drops, because there is a possibility that you will not get the same product piece once it gets sold out. So, “buy now or cry later” it is. Also, MandM Direct is available on almost every platform, you can search for them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well. You can connect with them for all the updates in their collections as well as the behavior of the market of fashion/trends.


The journey of this brand as a MandM Direct has been really inspirational to so many other new businesses, who are willing to establish themselves as a brand in the market. MandM Direct was started in 1987 as a brand. In the era of very bright and vivid trendy apparel, MandM Direct came up with the idea of only selling the sports product as their main branch of dealing in apparel for the UK audiences. And today it is really exciting to see something reach an absolute level right from scratch/ say it absolutely from nothing. MandM Direct is now more than 30years on, is one of the leading online off-price retailers of Europe’s with more than 3 million active customers. Not just this, but MandM Direct also has a number of dedicated local market websites and delivers to more than 25 countries worldwide right now.
In 2014, the Danish Fashion Group Bestseller purchased this company MandM Direct. This company named Bestseller is owned and ran by Holch Povlsen, Holch has inherited this Bestseller business from his parents and after that has given incredible growth to Bestseller. Later on, Bestseller became one of the largest companies in the industry of fashion retails. 

MandM Direct has always been committed to their goals and that is truly their way of achieving them all. They followed their passion and goals and achieved them all, they came into the market with the motive of becoming the biggest fashion & sports Outdoor brands, and they all always committed to giving the best price among the entire market.

The other online retailers, MandM Direct do not spend their money on promotions and discount codes or anything like that- they just believe in offering you up to 75% off on all your favorite brands off the RRP.

In the very early stage of their business, they have earned the Feefo’s Platinum Trusted Status for maintaining their Gold standard for three consecutive years. This brand MandM Direct is currently holding ratings of almost about 4.6/5 with the review of more than 50,000 people who have used their website and buy products from them (these ratings might change in the future, as this is the current situation for me).

The name of their brand MandM Direct has its origin from the first name of its founders (the two Ms} in the name MandM stands for Mark and Martin Direct.

They also successfully fulfill all their social responsibility in many different ways. They have their name associated with a longstanding partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust since 2005. And they have donated more than £2 million to the trust since then, and they truly believe that all of this is possible just because of each and everyone who trusts them and shops from them. This money has helped so many people to enhance their quality of life and chances of surviving and fighting against cancer in the age group between 13 to 24.

Terms and conditions :

The Terms and conditions part of any company or organization is one of the most critical and important parts. So, it is highly suggested to everyone who is thinking to go further with the company’s website to pay very much attention to the Terms and Conditions of the company. It is being required by the customer or say a person to go fully through the Terms and Conditions and agree with all the key points of the whole Terms and Conditions. Now, below are some of the point-by-point key features of the terms and conditions which basically tell you about the legal terms and the legal conditions on which all of the products of this company are being sold that are specifically mentioned on the website.

  1. These terms
    1.1 Mentioned are some of the terms and conditions on which all the products of the company that are mentioned on the website are being sold.
    1.2 Now, there is a specific major reason why one should go through the whole terms and conditions part. It is very highly suggested that before submitting or placing your order, you are required to go through the whole of the terms and conditions very carefully. This terms and conditions part of the document basically tells you or the customer more about the company, exactly what we are and how we operate things. Here, operating means simply how we take your order that you place and how we modify or cancel the contract, and what is to be done if there is any kind of trouble or problem, and much other such information. And if anyone of the customer has any kind of issue with these terms and conditions, they may directly contact us to discuss further.
  1. Information about our company and how one can contact us
    2.1 It is really needed that the customer should be aware of who we exactly are. We are MandM Direct Limited, an organization or say company that is registered in Wales and England. The registration number of our company is 05069228 and our office is situated at Clinton Road, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0SP. Our registered VAT number is GB 299 1526 60.
    2.2 Method of contacting us. If someone is having any issue or one wishes to come in touch with us, they can directly write to us at Clinton Road, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0SP or they can also contact us by simply writing and sending us an email to
    2.3 In case we need to contact or come in touch with you. In situations, where we will be needing or requiring to contact you or to come in touch with you, we will simply connect with you over the telephone or by simply sending to you at the email address or postal address that is being provided by you to us at the time of placing your order.
  1. Our contract with you

3.1 Now, this is one of the first and important parts of our deal with you which is the way in which we accept your order. The process of how we accept your order will take place when we write you an email asking for you to accept it. And starting from that point will take place a contract between you and us.
3.2 times when we can not give acceptance to your order. If there comes a chance or situation in which we are not able to accept your order, we simply will let you know with that particular situation and further no charges of the product will be deducted from you. Now, let us talk about the reasons or situations in which we may not give acceptance to your order. Below mentioned are some of such cases in which we may not accept the order :
(a) a credit reference that has been received by us from you might not be meeting our minimum needs or say requirements.

(b) we might have come to find some kind of error in the cost or say specification of the product.

(c) your account with our company might have been suspended or permanently closed because of some reason.

(d) we might be reasonably sure that your intention of buying the products from our company is simply because you want to resell them later on.

Pros and Cons about MandM Direct

We have provided you with enough information about the brand, brand history, its terms, and policies. Using all the above-given information you might have till now already figured it out that if you want to use this website for shopping or not, but still in the easy and more clear way we would love you share the pros and cons of using this website, along with that we would like to clear your doubts about the brand. Till you must have already gained a lot of confidence in this brand already and how genuine and trustworthy this brand is. Therefore, we are gonna discuss the pros and cons of the brand and see if you will want it more or not? So, now without making any further delays let’s hop into the topic and discuss the pros and cons of the MandM Direct.




For returning you have to buy a Hermes returns label while checkout when placing your order. These Hermes labels allow you to return at Hermes stores, it costs very little, like £2.49. If you make a pre-purchase for this Hermes returns label while making a check out when purchasing the QR code and the label appears in their Return Portal. You can also check out their return portal as we are adding the link down below.

But if you didn’t know this information about the Hermes return labels before, then also you do not have to worry. You can buy them later as well. You just have to follow these steps to buy Hermes labels by following these steps given down below.

  1. Open the return portal website –
  2. Then simply enter your order number completely without making any error.
  3. Then it will ask you for your postcode, email address, or the last four digits of your phone number (which you have used prior). After entering all the required details just click on the “Proceed”.
  4. Now select the item you wish to return and also the reason for it. At MandM Direct does not really offer any exchange policy.
  5. Then select the Hermes- In-store option Print. Now you can click on the drop-off point just by linking to the link available at the bottom of the page.
  6. Then download your return labels and the QR code- In case you are using the QR code, then just take your parcel to the drop-off point and allow them to simply scan your code from your phone. After scanning they will print the label for you in the store which will be valid for 7 days.
  7. Your returns can be processed in 7 working days from the day they arrive at the company’s warehouse. Whenever they will process the returns you will get the confirmation email for the same.
  8. Do not forget to ask for the receipts as proof for your returns, else MandM Direct won’t be taking any responsibility if any damages happen or if the item gets missed while in transit.

In case of making any returns of an item to MandM Direct but you are outside the UK, you can click on the given link and know the costing as per your country location.

It will cost you according to the country you want to send your item out. 

To get a refund it will take up to 7 working days for the company to receive the returned items. Right after they receive the item they start working for the return. You’ll receive the email right after they start processing your refund. After the email, it takes up to 7 working days for the refund amount to appear in your account.


So, here at the very end of this amazing topic, we have come to a conclusion that there is no doubt that this brand is truly a diamond in itself and to its user. As doing through each and every detail of this topic we would definitely recommend you to go for this brand and definitely give it a shot at least. If you are already a user of this brand, you must have gained a lot of knowledge about your favorite brand, its terms, and policies but if you are someone new then here is an ocean of knowledge about this brand that you can gain. 

Their collections are so amazing and up to the market, with very updated trends and very uniquely rare products. They are so cost-effective, I mean who even thinks about customers? But trust me they do, they try so hard just to give their customers the best price on their favorite brands, which is impossible to get anywhere else. Also, they are just not into compromising the quality of the product which is another most attractive thing about this brand.

They have such amazing transparency with their customers and believe in a win-win situation. In the very first para, we have discussed all the brand goodwill and reputation in the market. They deliver super fast. 

MandM Direct works for a policy that is totally transparent and trustworthy enough for any consumer.

MandM Direct itself has given all their company rules and policies on their website itself which you can easily find. Because they do not really have anything to hide from their customer, they have also told their customer about how their business runs.

With all such things they also have such an amazing and reliable quality of the product with such unique trends for everyone, irrespective of the fact that you are a man, woman, or a kid they have room for everyone one of us.

Also, this brand is very very cost-effective and you can barely find these prices anywhere else ever but the only problem is that you can barely find any design again after some time. Also, they have very decent payment methods so even that is not really an issue, because they have flexible payment methods. So, after seeing all the positive sides and the negatives of the brand MandM Direct we would recommend you to use this brand and a big thumbs up for this. Hope you have got all your answers which you were looking for. For any other doubts, we also have provided you some frequently asked questions and their answers as well.

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