Can We Expect Medici Season 4?

Medici has come to an end after three seasons of intrigue, hookups, and murder. Lorenzo de’ Medici (Daniel Sharman) outwits Riario (Jack Roth) in the last season of Medici, but loses his loving wife Clarice (Synnve Karlsen). SPOILER ALERT: The show also concludes with Lorenzo the Magnificent’s unfortunate death. When the real Lorenzo de’ Medici died at the age of 43, he left Italy in shambles.

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What Do You Know About Medici Season ?

Daniel Sharman gives an outstanding portrayal as Lorenzo, portraying his highs and lows. Sharman, who was fantastic as Lorenzo in his youth, now leads the once idealistic Medici into his latter years as a patriarch with confidence and zeal. Few performers have done a better job of transporting a character over such a wide range of historical periods.

It’s a lot of territory to cover, and Daniel Sharman pulls it off with tragedy galore. The gravity of Lorenzo’s obligations, as well as the drive that propels them forward, are all present. Sharman’s ability to add a huge seriousness to the proceedings is also astounding, especially given Lorenzo’s age towards the conclusion of the series.

Frank Spotnitz and Nicholas Meyer wrote the historical drama. Lux Vide and Rai Fiction, in cooperation with Frank Spotnitz’s Big Light Productions, produced the series in Italy. The series debuted on Rai 1 in Italy on October 18, 2016.

During Renaissance Florence, the series follows the Medici family, who served as the Pope’s financiers. Each season explores the political and cultural environment of Renaissance Italy by following the events of a specific period in the family’s history.

Apart from the performances, “Medici” is known for its enthralling storyline, which is led by co-creators/writers Frank Spotnitz and Nicholas Meyer. Their art is bolstered by the incredible history that surrounds it. For example, Lorenzo de’ Medici’s role in launching Michelangelo’s career, as depicted in Season 3, is a startlingly accurate truth. It’s reasonable to say that the world owes Lorenzo a debt of gratitude for his backing of a supernova that transformed the planet.

However, “Medici” puts certain doubts on that heritage that I am unaware of. I do know, though, that Lorenzo de’ Medici was a Renaissance figure. He was involved in practically every aspect of life at the time, and the impact he had on his surroundings was enormous. “Medici” means “Medici” in Italian.

medici season 4

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How Medici Season 3 Ended?

After considerable political bickering and several disclosures, the third season finished on an ambiguous note. The Medici bank is financially healthy, but Tommaso Peruzzi, a family friend who headed the inquiry into the Medici bank’s financial status, revealed Lucrezia de Medici’s unethical activities in order to preserve the bank from disaster.

Bruno Bernardi, Lorenzo’s merciless strategist and counsellor, decides to minimise the public outrage that this announcement would cause by throwing Tommaso out of his house window, killing him instantly. Everything appears to be going swimmingly – except for the fact that there was a witness to the murder, and there’s also Girolamo Savonarola’s preaching to consider.

Lorenzo loved the priest at first for his principles and mental toughness, but now he is set against him because of his intensely religious – and anti-Medici – speeches.

Savonarola’s lectures gather a growing throng each day, influencing public sentiment against the Medicis to the point where he asserts that Tommaso was assassinated by them. To defuse the ensuing uproar, Lorenzo offers a prize for any witnesses to Tommaso’s killing who come forward, then buys out the only witness. An attempt on the Medicis’ life is made, but everyone is unhurt save Lorenzo.

As Lorenzo’s health deteriorates, he seeks to ensure the future of his children by persuading the Pope to make his fourteen-year-old son Giovanni a cardinal on the route to becoming Pope. The Pope first refuses, but eventually agrees on the condition that Lorenzo’s eight-year-old daughter Maddalene marry his son Franceschetto Cybo.

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Wrapping Up

Netflix has yet to announce a fourth season of Medici, but given how neatly the series ended, I wouldn’t anticipate much more. The tumult in Renaissance Italy, however, is far from ended. In 1492, Lorenzo de’ Medici died. That is also the year the Borgias ascended to power in Rome.

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