Mile 22 Sequel: Is It Happening?

There are few films that made as much noise as Mile 22 did when it came out, while being the subject of rampant public criticism at the same time. The movie was undoubtedly a very controversial release owing to the supposed lack of quality that the movie had on its release. People had expected a lot going into it as the team behind the movie had already made quite a name for itself, but came out with a different opinion. So where does that leave the Mile 22 Sequel? Is it still going to happen? Or is it canceled?

Those who watched the first movie might not have the best opinion about it, but there is certainly a lot of hope from the franchise which was meant to be a trilogy. So it makes absolute sense to talk about the Mile 22 sequel, and what the future could hold for it. It is one that made a lot of noise when it came out, and that certainly adds to its popularity. So without much further discussion, let us talk about all we know about the Mile 22 sequel, and whether it is reasonable to assume anything at this point.

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Mile 22 Sequel: So Far

Mile 22 Sequel

So far, the Mile 22 franchise has been a disaster. The movie raised a lot of expectations before it came out back in 2018 as it was a collaboration between Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg, a duo who had been known to put out hit films. Mile 22 was also set to be one of their best yet, and so the expectations from the movie were quite high.

The movie told the story of a CIA Squad called Overwatch as they went up against a team of Russians who planned to distribute Cesium, and a deal between Silva and Noor follows. It is decided that the CIA would receive intel on the entire Cesium operation, but things go badly, and Silva is left to lick his wounds and reflect on the past.

The movie had a lot of hype before it came out, but that hype quickly died down when the negative reviews started pouring in for the movie. The movie barely broke even with the first release and didn’t make a lot of profit. It wasn’t a good venture and left a lot to be desired. While the duo had put out amazing movies before, Mile 22 just wasn’t one of them. And that is what really makes us doubt about the existence of the Mile 22 Sequel.

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Mile 22 Sequel: Is It Happening?

Mile 22 Sequel

Mile 22 came out back in 2018. But the production for the Mile 22 Sequel had begun even before the release of the first movie. STX Entertainment was so confident about the Berg-Wahlberg duo that they went ahead and renewed the franchise even before the first movie was released. They had a lot of expectations from the first movie and were confident in the studio’s ability. However, the messy release of Mile 22 might have changed all that. Initially though, the movie was meant to be part of a trilogy.

Since then, STX has been silent on the fate of the Mile 22 franchise and there is no info on whether there is going to be a Mile 22 Sequel or not. It is up to fate and no one knows how it is going to be. The botched release of the first movie might have made the studio reconsider their plans for the second movie, while the COVID pandemic definitely changed things too. So it is tough to really say what the case for Mile 22 Sequel is, but things are not looking good given how long of a time it has been.

If the franchise does get renewed, it is probably going to take place right after the events of the first movie considering the format the producers decided on and the ending that the first movie had. The Mile 22 Sequel is probably going to see Silva seek vengeance for the betrayal that he suffered, and to put the Russians to rest.

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Mile 22 Sequel: Potential Release Date

The Mile 22 Sequel, while still not confirmed, could be making its way onto our screens just like many other movies following the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The movie could be released on OTT platforms and watched on demand. But there is no official information regarding that either.

From the way things are currently, we could be looking at a 2023 timeline for the movie. There has been no official announcement yet, and Early 2023 seems like a safe bet for the release of the Mile 22 Sequel.

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Mile 22 Sequel: Final Words

With that being said, you now know everything there is to know about the Mile 22 Sequel. I personally hope that it is a big improvement for the first movie. And if it does get canceled, it wasn’t much of a loss anyway.

Mile 22 is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. You may watch it at the following link:

Watch Mile 22 on Amazon Prime Video

The movie currently holds a rating of 6.2 out of 10 on IMDb, based on the user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for Mile 22 below:

What do you think about the sequel? Will it happen? Let me know in the comments down below.

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