Minecraft Movie: Is It Going To Happen?

The Minecraft Movie is a project that has been the victim of production issues since eternity. The project, which first came into existence many years ago, has had a fate that was so unfortunate and ill ridden, that a conclusion never happened. All of which is quite a shame given that Minecraft is possibly the biggest online game right now, and has been a classic in every gamer’s inventory for a long time. So a Minecraft movie has been on the tables and demanded by players for the longest time.

Now, after the announcement of a Minecraft movie with much-wanted details in 2019, the movie again fell prey to the issues surrounding it, and the world at large. So is the Minecraft movie ever going to happen? Or is it just an ill fated franchise, never to meet the light of the day?

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Minecraft Movie: The Story So Far

Minecraft Movie

For those of you who follow the Minecraft universe avidly, you are probably aware of all that has happened around the Minecraft movie since the existence of Minecraft. But for those of you who aren’t really huge fans of the game, I’ll give you some perspective about it. Minecraft is an open-world game that was created by the game creator Notch back in 2011 and was developed under Mojang Games. It was an instant hit and went on to become one of the biggest video game franchises of all time. The game mixed build and destroy mechanics coupled with survival and open-world elements, and appealed to a wide and creative player base. In 2014, Microsoft acquired Minecraft and quickly expanded it into a universe that spanned games and merchandise.

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Once Made, Twice Canceled

Minecraft Movie

But even before the acquisition, game creator Notch was in talks with Warner Bros. Pictures for the production of the Minecraft movie. Signing on Shawn Levy of Night at the Museum to direct the movie, along with Jason Fuchs from Ice Age, Warner Bros announced a May 2019 release date for the movie. But alas, things did not go as planned as Shawn Levy abruptly quit the film midway through and was replaced by Rob McElhenney, while Fuchs was replaced by the Nee brothers for the story writing process. The vision for the movie was an open adventure film that would incorporate the best elements of the games into it. In fact, Steve Carrel had even been cast for the film, famous for his role in the Office, along with an assigned budget, but the film was still canceled by the studio.

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Minecraft Movie: A Hope?

With the film canceled by the studio after being subject to so many problems, hopes for a Minecraft film were bleak, to say the least. But with the game being handled under Microsoft, things were surely about to get interesting. In 2019, the Minecraft page surprised players with a new message. Microsoft revealed a lot of new details for a new Minecraft movie on the website in a release. A lot of details including the plot points and the team behind the movie were revealed in the post. Peter Sollet had been taken on as the new director for the Minecraft movie and was confirmed to be handling the writing process for the movie itself. Supposedly, the ideas by the first two writers were disposed of for the movie.

The film was reportedly supposed to take place in the Overworld and follow a story similar to that which we saw in the Story Mode edition of the game. The story would center around a girl who leads her group against the tyranny of the Ender Dragon against the Overworld. It was also revealed that it would be a live-action movie, which quickly sparked controversy among the fans considering the blocky atmosphere of the Minecraft world would not allow for such relaxation. However, considering the fact that Microsoft had brought on Sollett for the movie, a lot of the fans were excited to see a soulful and emotional Minecraft Movie from the director. It was also revealed that the Minecraft movie would be released on March 4, 2022. This, however, had its own story. 

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Minecraft Movie: The Current Scenario

Minecraft Movie

While the Minecraft Movie had been announced for a March 2022 release back in 2019, things haven’t exactly been normal since then. The world has been taken over by the terror of the COVID pandemic, and movies were one of the things affected by it, among others. Production had to be halted and a lot of movies were pushed back during the pandemic. The Minecraft Movie, too, was taken down from the release schedule for Warner Bros, and its current status is completely unknown. It seems that Warner Bros has put a hold on the movie, and has given no explanation on the same. In that way, Minecraft Movie became a victim of the pandemic and can be assumed as unconfirmed. 

While the movie has not been canceled, its unknown status is definitely a cause for worry, as the repeated bad luck for the movie might just put the whole idea to rest, and we might never get to see a Minecraft movie on our screens. Presently, however, not all is lost as Warner Bros has not canceled the movie, and might just move it to a later date in the future. Whatever the case might be, we can rest assured that the movie isn’t coming out anytime soon.

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Minecraft Movie: Final Words

Minecraft Movie

With that being said, I’m personally a huge fan of the Minecraft franchise and would love to see the Minecraft movie happening. However, given the way that things currently are, not much can be said about it, and I would advise everyone not to expect much in the way of Warner Bros putting an effort into pushing it. Whatever the fate of the movie might be, it has been an interesting journey for sure.

You may check out the post for the Minecraft movie announcement here:

Minecraft Movie Announcement on Mojang

What do you think about the release? Do you think Minecraft Movie is going to happen? Or will it be victim to its circumstances again? Let me know in the comments down below.

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