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Monster Hunter Rise x Sonic Event: The Latest News

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is all the rage for Nintendo fans right now, and the way they are bringing in new stuff to the game is simply ludicrous. I have looked forward to Monster Hunter Rise for a while now. After all, Monster Hunter is one big franchise with a good reputation and long history. And it has been a subject of immense discussion ever since the Monster Hunter Rise x Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration event has been announced.

The Monster Hunter Rise x Sonic event promises to bring Sonic cosmetics, armor, and Sonic-like Palico costume for the players. It will also bring a tails costume for Palamutes and is bound to take the game on to another level that is simply amazing. I know that it sounds quite crazy on the surface and the best part is that it actually is! If you watch the trailer for the same, you would be surprised at what Capcom is bringing to the table with this collaboration. It is simply on another level and I’m really excited about it. With all that said, let us talk all about the latest Monster Hunter Rise news.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sonic Event

Monster Hunter Rise is not doing such collaboration for the first time. In fact, Monster Hunter has done such collaborations with every game at one point in time, and it is only natural for them to continue that tradition with Monster Hunter Rise. While there have been collaborations with the game before and they all have been pretty big, with brands like Pizza Hut, Mega Man, and Okami, this one with Sonic is one of the most exciting that they have put out yet. It promises to bring home a beloved childhood video game character and a classic to the Monster Hunter Universe.

The Sonic collaboration is also going to bring new events to the game and is going to hold a special event in the game where the players will have to collect rings all over the map and purchase Sonic collectibles and other stuff for their home in the game. This sounds very exciting and it is going to be interesting to see how things turn out for it. I’m personally really looking forward to it and hope to be able to play the Sonic DLC soon.

The Monster Hunter Rise x Sonic event begins on November 26, 2021. So clear your schedule for this ambitious crossover if you are a fan of the Capcom and Sega games. It is definitely going to be worth it and is looking quite promising from the way things are.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Coming To PC

Another thing that fans of the franchise are always worried about is how these changes will translate to the PC version of the game, and if it is even going to come out. For those of you who are worried about that, we are pleased to inform you that the PC version of the game is going to be released on January 12, 2022.

From what we have seen so far and considering fan speculation, the PC version of the game is going to be superior to the Nintendo version of the game in terms of tech and is going to feature more advanced graphical options as well. The resolution, frame rates, and shadows are just some of the improvements that the PC version has over Nintendo.

In context to the Sonic event, the PC version is going to come with all the DLC as default and fans do not need to worry about spending the extra money to get the sonic gear that they want for their PC version. It is definitely looking to be a fiesta for everyone.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sonic Incoming!

With this announcement, the game world is not waiting with bated breaths for this epic collaboration, and it is going to be quite crazy. The cover art for the event has also been revealed recently, and it is crazy authentic, to say the least. I’m personally really excited for this crossover event, and I hope you are too!

Check out the Steam link for the game here:

Monster Hunter Rise on Steam

You may watch the trailer for the event down below:

What are your thoughts on this collaboration? Are you a fan of the game? Let me know in the comments down below.

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