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Even if seeing the cyberpunk world of Kamigawa, home of Magic the Gathering’s Kamigawa, has been fun, it’s now time for a trip to Elspeth Tirel’s home plane, the Streets of New Capenna.

With its art-deco splendor, swinging suits, and organized crime, New Capenna has long been regarded as one of the most aesthetically spectacular settings in the history of the video game industry.

To get ready for our dance with the Obscura, Cabaretti, Riveters, and Maestros, we have a whole preview season of surprises and spoilers. The Streets of New Capenna preview season for Magic: The Gathering is here, and we’ve got all the details you need.

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About Magic The Gathering

This is the 92nd expansion for Magic: The Gathering. Elspeth’s home aircraft takes off from New Capenna, an Art Deco Noir metropolis with both grit and luxury. It’s a land the angels created, but it’s currently dominated by five rival demon criminal families.


Adversary” is the name of Ob Nixilis. Three distinct ethnic groups are represented in the toy. Each of the five criminal syndicates has its own unique keyword and gaming mechanics. In the Secret Lair Drop Series: Stranger Things, the Magic IP versions of the cards are introduced in the New Capenna List.

A card from this list will be found in one out of every eight booster packs, while the other one in eight booster packs will feature a different card. The rarity of all rebranding cards is the same.

Season Preview

A Magic: The Gathering set’s preview or spoiler season is when the bulk of its contents are released.
MTG’s YouTube and Twitch channels often have a preview broadcast a few weeks before the game’s actual release.

Set mechanics and any startling plot aspects are disclosed in these streams. The first day’s broadcast also provides us our first swath of the set’s cards, making it the season’s biggest day by far.

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The community takes over after the premiere stream. Cards sent to various media outlets, influencers, and other content providers by Wizards of the Coast are revealed by them. With all eyes on them when they present their cards, it’s an excellent opportunity to unite the community while also highlighting lesser-known producers.


The Commander preconstructed deck reveal usually concludes preview seasons a few days following the main set. On its Weekly MTG webcast, Wizards of the Coast is revealing five decks for Streets of New Capenna rather than the customary two, maybe because there are five decks instead of the typical two.

Spoiler MTG

Streets of New Capenna (SNC), a Standard-legal MTG set showcasing a new world in the universe and five demon criminal families in charge of the city, will be released soon.

One of those families is the Maestros, representing the MTG colors Blue, Black, and Red. Maestros Charm is likely the first of five Charm spells within SNC to form a cycle in the upcoming set. Each demon family will also have an Ascendancy cycle thematically tied to it as well.

Previews for the set, which includes 281 regular decks, will run from April 7 to 14. The prerelease tabletop events for SNC begin on April 22nd, a date that differs from the most recent MTG set releases.

MTGO and MTG Arena will release the game digitally on April 28, and it will go live worldwide on April 29. The upcoming SNC set contains a three-color Shard theme designed around five demon lord crime families that run the city of New Capenna.

How Are The Seasons Arranged?

Previewers are notified weeks in advance of review seasons, which necessitates extensive preparation. Wizards make an effort to change up the people that perform the previews from set to set, so each season has a diverse group of voices.

Once the embargo period has expired, everyone involved receives an email containing photographs of the card they had agreed to embargo.

The only thing a reviewer has to adhere to is the timing of their announcement.

There are some who write articles and make videos, while there are others who tweet them out.

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It’s forbidden for previewers to cover up the card picture with a watermark since doing so contradicts the purpose of showing it. Wizards of the Coast does not pay previewers, despite common perception.

Rather than an advertising or brand arrangement, Wizards could just release the whole card gallery on its own, which would likely result in greater traffic and excitement.

Instead, it provides an opportunity for the community to gather together and celebrate the set for a whole week.

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