Will We Ever See the Musketeers Season 4?

Historical shows are the ones that involve the audience in its tale quickly. “The Musketeers” is also among them. Fans are waiting for the fourth season of the show. Here is everything you need to know about the show.

Adrian Hodges is the creator of the BBC period action drama series that got released on 19th January 2014.

Colin Wratten is the producer of the British show. It has completed its three seasons successfully with 30 episodes that ended on 1st August 2016.


Musketeers Season 4

What Is the Plotline of the Series the Musketeers?

People find the historical stories attractive and are fascinated by them. Based on the historical drama of the 17th century, the musketeers have also created their own space in the hearts of the audience.

The series is based in the 1630s in Paris when France was ruled by King Louis XIII. Captain Treville commanded the three musketeers named Athos, Aramis, and Porthos, who fight to protect their king and the country. Captain soon meets d’Artagnan, who wants to become a musketeer as well. He was a skilful farm boy who gets trained of becoming a musketeer later on.

The story is all about the challenges faced by the musketeers while protecting their country.

The Release Date: When Will the Fourth Season of the Musketeers Be Made Available for the Audience?

There is bad news for the fans of the musketeers. The showrunners told SpolierTV that there is no chance for the fourth season of the show.

The third season is the last one in the franchise.

Musketeers Season 4

Simon Allen and Simon J. Ashford have left a message for the fans that they should set higher expectations from the third season.

It consists of more villains and a former Doctor who has done guest appearances in the previous episodes. They also told that after season two, the story jumped for four years.

Ashford concluded that they would be interested if the makers decide on renewal in the future.

What Are the Names of the Characters Involved in the Series the Musketeers?

Historical characters influence the people very much, especially the actors and actresses playing the role of them. Here are the actors and actresses who played the main characters of the show.

  1. The first musketeer is Athos, played by Tom Burke. He is often recognized as the leader of the group and has a close association with Captain Treville. His drinking habit gives way to the memories of his horrible past. Milady de Winter is his wife.
  2. Aramis, played by Santiago Cabrera, is the second musketeer. He lived in his hometown with his mother and was friends with a girl named Pauline.
  3. Cardinal Richelieu, played by Peter Capaldi, is the enemy in the series. He is the adviser of King Louis XIII and the First Minister of France.
  4. The third musketeer is Porthos, portrayed by Howard Charles. He is a loyal musketeer, is devoted to his work, and can do anything to protect his family and friends. In his free time, he loves to drink and play cards.
  5. Queen Anne, played by Alexandra Dowling, is the princess of Spain and Portugal and the queen of France after marrying King Louis XIII. She is an intelligent, caring, and sensible woman providing great support to her family and friends.
  6. King Louis XIII, played by Ryan Gage, is the king of France and is married to Queen Anne.
  7. Constance D’Artagnan, played by Tamla Kari, is one of the main characters of the show. She was married to Jacques-Michel Bonacieux and had an intimate relationship with D’Artagnan after he arrived in Paris. After his husband’s death, she gets married to D’Artagnan.
  8. Milady de Winter, played by Maimie McCoy, is the enemy in the show and is the chief secret agent of Cardinal Richelieu. She is a menacing woman and also the secret wife of Athos. Athos ordered her death as she killed his brother, but she is still alive. Athos discovered her living after five years.
  9. D’Artagnan, played by Luke Pasqualino, is the protagonist of the musketeers.
  10. Captain Treville, played by Hugo Speer, is the close adviser of King Louis XIII and the loyal commander of the musketeers.
  11. Comte de Rochefort, played by Marc Warren, is the main antagonist of the series after the death of the Cardinal. He was an agent of Cardinal and took over his position after his death. Currently, he is the First Minister of the King and the commander of the Red Guard.

The Other Main Characters of the Show Are:

  1. Lucien Grimaud’s role played by Matthew McNulty
  2. Marquis de Feron’s role played by Rupert Everett

Musketeers Season 4

What role would you have chosen if you would have offered to play any historical character? Write to us below by expressing your views on it.

What Are the Ratings of the Show the Musketeers?

Initially, the Musketeers received mixed reviews, but after the third season, it showed real-life growth. People loved it very much.

Morgan Jeffery, the famous actor, and producer of the films like Rampage and The Walking Dead, told that the characters showed development.

The musketeers received a 40% score on the Tomato meter, based on five critic ratings. According to 39 user ratings, the audience score of the show is 79% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The famous show has a rating of 7.8 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch the Third Season of the Series the Musketeers?

People usually google the websites where they could find the musketeers. Here are some of the websites where you can have access to the series.

The most famous one is Netflix but only available in some regions.

You can stream it on Amazon Prime and Vudu after renting or buying its episodes.

Free Trial is available on Hulu for new users.

Some other apps or websites can also be found on MSN.


Unfortunately, the fourth season of the show got cancelled five years ago. But we can still expect its renewal due to the fan’s demand.

Until then, keep watching the Musketeers!

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