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Nadiya Bakes: A Sweet Treat

Nadiya Bakes

Waking up in the morning to the smell of tea and cake is something that all of us can appreciate and feel for. The subtle aroma of cake and pastries that all of us have grown to appreciate throughout our childhood and there is just something so nostalgic about it that makes me really happy every time I experience it. Nadiya Bakes is probably one of the worst offenders when it comes to making me crave baked goods and eventually driving me to the kitchen to bring the oven out. And that really is one of the biggest compliments that a show can receive from me. I’m sure that we have some bakers among us here, and also an equal number of food enthusiasts.

Nadiya Bakes is one that will appeal to the sweet tooth in all of you, and it will do so in a manner that is just as extravagant as the big pastry chefs of the world, yet with the simplicity of your home. It is that nuance that makes the show so special and stands out among the others. As a fan of baking, this is one that I came across recently, and since then, I have to admit that I have been hooked and have been wanting to talk about it here for a long time. I’m sure that most of you, too, are excited to hear about this show on the market that supposedly offers amazing homemade cake recipes. So let us get into a little more detail about it here.

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Nadiya Bakes: A Deep Look

Host Nadiya Hussain brings you a plethora of cakes and pastries, with flavors as varied as the colors of the rainbow right to your TV screens in this amazing show of art and food. Nadiya Bakes brings home the baking talent of Hussain and displays it in a way that would be palatable to the general audiences and not overwhelming to amateurs. This is one point that a lot of cooking shows get wrong because they simply don’t consider that not everyone has fancy ingredients lying around their home that they can use to make exotic recipes. And maybe they should consider that this is something that isn’t really important to a lot of people, and hence something that can be forgone.

Thankfully, Hussain doesn’t fall into the same trap with her show Nadiya Bakes. While Hussain is famous for her work on another show The Great British Baking Show, which puts her cooking against a clock, this one doesn’t follow the same format. And that is just for the better. This is a much more mellow take on baking that will make sure that there is something for everyone. The show doesn’t put her up against a clock, and she presents her own ideas and innovation for the world to see, and I have to say that it all had me captivated. The way Hussain talks about the cooking and the stories that she relates to her recipes are some of the most wholesome things that I have had the pleasure of watching on TV.

Hussain goes through her kitchen, which is every bit as important as the other elements of the show, and takes us on a journey of cooking that is captivating and exciting with innovation turned to the maximum. Our host isn’t one to shy away from new ideas, and she certainly takes her time to innovate and make something exciting every time. The time lapse shots she takes just add to the excitement as you can see the real evolution of the baked good from its raw form to the finished form that she presents. It has all the elegance of a standard cookery show while maintaining a rawness to it that is just too hard to discount. I felt at home as Nadiya went about her narration in her usual playful manner and it is just such a relaxing watch. At the same time, there is this urge to follow along and bake the same goods as her.

And Hussain isn’t one who will stop at this. She makes every attempt to get as close to the viewer as she can, and gives real advice that one can apply in the real world. Not everything is perfect, and she herself is someone who has made mistakes. And she offers all the insights that she has learned over her years of experience. Coming from someone who is authentic, that really puts the amateurs at ease and gives them a sense of confidence. This emotional touch and consideration for those getting into baking are what really sets this show apart from the others, in my opinion.

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Nadiya Bakes: Should You Watch It?

If you’re an aspiring baker or just someone who loves to bake at home for their family, then you really need to look no further than Nadiya Bakes. It is a show that values wholesome instruction and having fun over everything else. It is slow-paced, patient, and the way Nadiya does everything is a treat for the eye. It hardly gets any better than this. It’s not a game show and it is certainly no Masterchef, but it is perfect for what it aspires to be.

Nadiya Bakes is currently streaming on Netflix. You may check it out at the following link:

Watch Nadiya Bakes on Netflix

The show currently holds a rating of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for the show here:

Are you an aspiring baker? Does this show appeal to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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