On My Block Season 4: All you need to know!

Good News for all you On My Block fans! The show is *drumrolls* coming back. If you’ve watched On My Blocks, you know it is one of the most amazing and underrated series of Netflix. We were all waiting for it to renew. And the day has come! We are here to tell you all the latest updates we have for On My Block Season 4. Keep reading!

On My Block is a playful teen’s comic drama on Netflix. It is the latest favourite of all the adolescents out there. The series revolves around some youngsters who live in the LA neighbourhood with a low-income profile. The show describes their admissions to a famous branded school. Moreover, the show is about the changes and challenges they face as they walk into the anonymity of adolescence, their insecurities and the ways they scrape with it.

After season 3 of the show ended, fans wanted more of this comic drama. It was officially stated by the officials that the upcoming Season 4 will be the end for the show.

On My Block Season 4

On My Block Season 4: Release Date

Currently, there are 3 seasons of On My Block available to stream on Netflix. Season 3 premiered on Netflix in March 2020. Since then viewers are demanding Season 4.

March has always been the month for release of On My Block, considering the release of its previous seasons. However, this season might be an exception and thanks to the global pandemic for it. COVID 19 hurdled everything since last year and the entertainment industry was amongst the most affected ones.

Recently, Netflix has announced that the show is happening. Although the official release date has not been revealed yet, we are expecting the fourth and final season of On My Block to premiere late 2021 or early 2022.

When is Season 4 filming?

The cast and crew of On My Block season 4 started shooting in March 2021. Star Diego Tinoco shared a video of himself getting his head shaved on the very first day of filming of On My Block season 4.

On June 10, Thursday Brett Gray and Jessica Marie Garcia, tweeted that they were filming their last day of On My Block. So it seems the production has wrapped up or will be ending soon in some time.



It’s not really clear if the rest of the cast and crew are done. Normally, when regular star cast confirms that they have wrapped, it’s not long before the rest of the cast wraps. So, that’s both good and bad!

We obviously feel bad that the cast and crew’s time together is going to end. However, that means the release date is coming soon.

On My Block Season 4: Cast

On My Block Season 4

The star cast includes Sierra Capri as Monse Finnie, Jason Genao as Ruben Martinez, Brett Gray as Jamal Turner, Diego Tinoco as Cesar Diaz, Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmine Flores, and Julio Macias as Oscar Diaz and Peggy Blow as Marisol Martinez.

Storyline Updates

The story revolves around the playful teens Ruby, Monse, Jamal and Cesar. Season 1 witnessed Monse and playboy Cesar’s relationship. Later, after breaking up with Monse, Cesar dates Olivia. Season 2 lets out that Olivia is dead. Additionally, the four teenagers were kidnapped. Season 3 was filled with twists and suspense following the same storyline.

Therefore, from the forthcoming final season for the show, answers to all the questions could be expected. The plot revolves around Love, romance, betrayal, and other youngster life issues. So, we are sure that the final season will be worth the wait.

No official trailer for On My Block Season 4 has been released yet. We are looking forward for it and will update as and when we get any news.

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Wrapping Up

The show was admired by both fans and critics. They describe it as a charismatic fresh charm to grace the screens though cherishing the energy it exudes, having a cast and storyline goes around the teenagers and Gen Z.

That was all we had to tell you. Once production wraps up, we’ll probably start to see the rumours about the new season flying around. We’re hoping to get updates soon so that you and I both get off the cliff hanger we are in. Till then, comment below and let us know your expectations from On My Block Season 4.

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