Perry Mason Season 2: The Latest News

Perry Mason is a character that needs no introduction, especially to those who are fans of courtroom dramas. And mind you, courtroom dramas are a sensation these days. I’m certainly a huge fan, and so are many other people. HBO renewed people’s interest in Perry Mason last year when it brought out its own drama series featuring the character in yet another courtroom drama. But it has been quite a while and everyone is asking questions about Perry Mason Season 2. So what is the case with the show? Is it happening? Is there going to be a new season? Or is this it for the show? These are the questions that need to be answered to put the fans at ease.

Perry Mason Season 2 has been awaited as it is expected to continue the story of our criminal lawyer in the most spectacular manner. The show is based on the character by Erle Stanley Gardner, who wrote the novels and stories back in the 1900s. Since then, the stories based on Perry Mason have been distributed and performed in one form or the other, and often to great effect. From novels to plays to dramas, and even radio, the stories have been told and retold in all different forms. HBO took it upon itself last year to introduce its own version of Perry Mason, and they definitely surpassed all expectations. This raised a lot of expectations for Perry Mason Season 2 as the reception for the show was simply phenomenal.

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Perry Mason Season 2: About the Show

Perry Mason Season 2

HBO took it upon itself to create a version of Perry Mason that would not only be different from the original material but one that would appeal to the audiences of today. And it succeeded quite cleverly in doing so. The show has gone on to be one of the most nuanced shows of the past year and has been met with an overwhelming public response. The premiere of the show garnered more than 8 million viewers and was loved by fans across the world. Taking the people back to the 30s, the show has a vibe that is unmatched and authentic in every way. Showing the criminal defense lawyer in his prime, the show is simply unmatched in its prowess, and stands apart from all the different iterations and reboots that it has had across media.

Starring Matthew Rhys in the main role, the show has had a stellar cast behind it and an even more amazing direction. The show is quite authentic and really sells the idea of a courtroom drama from almost a century ago. The way Mason acquits his fellow clients at the last minute and pulls different tricks out of his bag is somewhat of a spectacle to admire, and we all love him for it. The show definitely has a lot going for it. The first season mainly focuses on the lawyer’s role in investigating a kidnapping as he is still reeling from his World War I problems and his failed marriage.

The first season of the show also features other prominent cast members like Chris Chalk as Paul Drake, a Black cop, Juliet Rylance as Della Street, a legal secretary fighting patriarchy, Tatiana Maslany as Sister Alice McKeegan, the leader of the Radiant Assembly of God. The show also stars Shea Whigham as Pete Strickland, employed by Mason for assistance on the investigation. John Lithgow plays a prominent role here as E.B. Jonathan, a mentor to Perry Mason.

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Perry Mason Season 2: Renewal

Perry Mason Season 2

Given the way the first season went, fans were already really excited and reeling for a second season. The response to the first season, and even to the first episode, had been overwhelming. They also went on to win 13 Emmy awards, which is no small feat for a show. And so, it was in HBO’s best interest to renew the series for a second season. Hence, in 2021, HBO announced that Perry Mason had been renewed for a second season and would soon be returning to the network. This is certainly amazing news for all fans, and I’m personally really happy about the renewal of the show.

There has also been a discussion about what the second season of the show is going to entail. And so, some folks over at the media houses have been able to draft up a synopsis of the show based on the information that has been released or leaked from the studio so far. The synopsis goes like this, “Season 2 of Perry Mason takes place months after the end of the Dodson trial. Perry (Matthew Rhys) has moved off the farm, ditched the milk truck, he’s even traded his leather jacket for a pressed suit. It’s the worst year of the Depression, and Perry and Della (Juliet Rylance) have set the firm on a safer path pursuing civil cases instead of the tumultuous work criminal cases entail. Unfortunately, there isn’t much work for Paul (Chris Chalk) in wills and contracts, so he’s been out on his own. An open-and-closed case overtakes the city of Los Angeles, and Perry’s pursuit of justice reveals that not everything is always as it seems.”

It certainly sounds very interesting and is something that I am really looking forward to. It is going to be quite amazing to see Perry battling bigger battles and for Perry Mason Season 2 to expand the horizons of the show. HBO rarely lets its viewers down, and all eyes are on Perry Mason this time. The character has found himself in the material of almost every media platform in the world, but HBO has really done an amazing job here that stands out from the others that came before it.

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Perry Mason Season 2: Final Words

With all this, we are now all set for the next season of Perry Mason. It is surely going to be really exciting and things are looking really good. There is no release date for the show yet, but we can expect HBO to release a schedule soon. In the meanwhile, you may catch up with the first season of the show and get a good idea of the story.

Perry Mason is currently available to stream on HBO Max. You may check it out at the following link:

Watch Perry Mason on HBO Max

The show currently holds a rating of 7.6 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for the show here:

What are your thoughts on the show? Have you watched it? Are you excited for the next season? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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