Are You Excited to Watch Put a Ring on It Show Season 2?

No relation in the world doesn’t face problems. Every relation has something unique about it that keeps two people together.

Have you ever thought of dating someone else to improve your current relationship? If not, then here is a series based on such a concept. To make our partner jealous, we may aim to date someone else, but real love can never cheat.

Put a Ring on it is an unscripted series of Will Packer Media that got released on 23rd October 2020.

It has completed its two seasons this year successfully and received a positive response from the audience as well.

Here is everything you need to know about the second season.

Put a Ring on It Show Season 2

What Is The Plotline Of The Second Season of Put A Ring On It?

The unscripted show follows long-time couples testing their relationship on different stages. Dr Nicole LABeach is the master in a relationship and the host of the show who throws different tasks to test their relationships every week.

Every week the couples are pushed up o the limits and come out of their comfort zone to ask some very difficult questions that can make their relationship best or worst. After dating some other partner, the couples will finally get to know the result of it. They will either get separated or will move together.

In the first episode, the entry of the three couples takes place. They decide to collect the courage of experimenting on their relationships for nine weeks. Dating a different person for some time will let them know that what they are missing in their relationship. However, the temptation of a person can even destroy a 14-year relationship this time.

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All the females go on their first date with another person in the second episode. Meanwhile, Shon learns that how his past trauma is affecting his current relationship. Later, the three couples face some difficult tests put forward by Dr Nicole.

Darian gets close to Kai, which makes Alexia question his loyalty to the relation. On the other hand, LaRhonda is attracted to Sir James, and Shon develops a bond with Brittany. Darian tries to make Alexia happy, but his action makes Kai give him an ultimatum. Alexia, after dating Monte, is quite impressed and glad. Meanwhile, Eric and Jessica struggle in their relationship because of trust issues.

Put a Ring on It Show Season 2

Jessica develops a bond with Sean, and Eric gets close to Leilani. Darion wishes to improve his relations with Alexia after giving Kai a break.

After such a messy relationship, all the three couples try the last test over their relationship. Will they separate or move together? To know the answer, must-watch Put a Ring on it season 2.

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The Release Date: When Was the Second Season of The Show Put A Ring On It, Got Aired?

The first episode of the show got aired on 25th June 2021 on OWN TV. It consisted of eight episodes that ended on 13th August 2021.

Who Is The Part of The Second Season of The Series Put A Ring On It?

The description of the three long time couples and the host of the show is mentioned below:

  1. Dr Nicole LaBeach is the leader of the certified WBE, short for Women Business Enterprise, WSOB, short for Women Small Owned Business, and MBE, short for Minority Business Enterprise. She has served critical tool to entrepreneurs, celebrities, clergy, leaders, and athletes to increase their wins and personalities. She is an author and also a multi-hyphenate development professional.
  2. The first couple is Alexia and Darion, who have been dating for 14 years. After ten years of dating, they decided to move on together in their relationship. However, Alexia is putting pressure on him as Darion is not ready to walk down together yet.
  3. The second couple is LaRhonda and Jay. They have been dating for three years. LaRhonda is a successful woman who is still achieving her dreams, whereas Jay is a successful comedian. Jay is putting a pause on the marriage again and again as LaRhonda earns more than him. He wants to meet half of the financial status of LaRhonda before marriage.
  4. The third and last couple is Jessica and Eric, who are dating for four years. Eric is facing difficulties adjusting in life post-NFL, whereas Jessica is adjusting to Eric for a commitment. From the very first day, the couple is struggling in their relationship. Both were not even on the same page when their relationship got official.

What Are The Ratings of The Show Put A Ring On It?

The show has received a mixed response from the audience. It has got a rating of 5.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

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The show has not received enough rating to be calculated by Tomato meter on Rotten Tomatoes.

Put a Ring on It Show Season 2

Where Can We Watch The Second Season of The Show Put A Ring On It?

There are many channels and websites available on the Internet where you can stream the show for free or after paying. The show got telecasted on OWN TV. You can watch its episodes over there.

The second famous platform is Amazon Prime. You can buy or rent its episodes for watching.

It is also accessible on YouTube TV on a free trial. Discovery+ also airs it.

Put a Ring on It Show Season 2


Despite being surrounded by the pandemic, the show was able to complete the two seasons back to back this year. That too with a positive response. It has made many fans who are waiting for a third season as well.

Will you date another guy or girl just to find someone better or to improve your current relationship? Do write us your views.

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