Review and spoiler of the latest release Good Trouble season 3.

As the name suggests good trouble, There are troubles but in a good manner. Good Trouble is a tv show based on the difficulties faced by newbies in corporate life. The directors of Good Trouble are Joana Johnson, Bradley Bredeweg, and Peter Paige, and Produces by Cierra Ramirez, Peter Paige, Jon m.chu. There is 3 season with 50 episodes of Good Trouble. The running time of each episode is in between 42-61 minutes. Distributors of Good Trouble are Disney-ABC Domestic television.

Plot: What is the plotline of Good trouble season 3?

Good Trouble is a teen drama TV show. This show is unique because of the freshness of new faces and concepts. Good Trouble revolves around the two sisters named Mariana and Callie and their relationship with their neighbours. They shift to Los Angeles after their graduation for the job. They start to live in a Communal living apartment called Coterie.

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Callie starts practising law under Her senior Wilson. Mariana joins a tech firm as a software developer. All 50 episodes of Good Trouble revolve around the challenges and difficulties in the daily life of the duo. They start making new friends in the apartment and the office.

In the first few episodes, Mariana finds a lack of diversity in the office and finds women collogues face sexism in the office. She establishes a sexism fight club to deal with it. It complicates her work and relations with the higher authority and her decisions can cause her job. Callie is working on the high-profile case of Jerod with a famous defence lawyer.

Good Trouble season 3

In episode 7, Mariana launches a successful app. This app becomes popular in no time, which creates extra pressure on her and her colleagues.

Both of them are facing conflicts between their jobs and relationships. Mariana has to choose between Raj and Evan.

In the last episode of Good trouble season 3, Callie is questioned by her former boss, who was the reason behind her emotional epiphany.

Mariana lefts her job and started working in the rival beauty app because of Evan’s recommendation.

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This show becomes popular because of its new storyline, And the connection with every newcomer into the corporate. Callie and Mariana are their faces and perfectly show the challenges, fights, and Victory of new corporate workers.

Release date of the Good Trouble season 3?

Good trouble is a famous show in America. It is loved all over the world. In no time, it becomes one of the favourite shows of every house. Good Trouble premieres on February 17, 2021, and the finale is on April 21, 2021. Season 4 is in line. Season 4 will release in the year 2022.

Names of the Different Characters that Involve in Good Trouble season 3?

  • Maia Mitchell as Callie Adams Foster. ( a law graduate and Marian’s sister)
  • Cierra Ramirez played the role Mariana Adams Foster (An MIT graduate and software developer)
  • Zuri Adele played the role of Malika Williams( a police activist)
  • Sherry Cola played the role of Alice Kwan( coterie Manager)
  • Tommy Martinez played the role of Gael Martinez.
  • Roger Bart played the role of Judge Curtis Wilson (an old-school judge)
  • Emma Hunton as Davia Moss
  • Beau Mirchoff as Jamie Hunter

The other important character of the show include.

  • Teri Polo as Stef Adams Foster
  • Sherri Saum as Lena Adams Foster
  • Hayden Byerly as Jude Adams Foster( Mariana’s Brother)
  • Noah Centineo as Jesus Adams Foster( Mariana Twin brother).
  • David Lambert as Brandon Foster( sibling of Mariana)
  • Amanda Leighton as Emma Kurtzman
  • Megan West played the role of Eliza Foste
  • Robert Gant and Susan Walters as Jim and Diane Hunter
  • Gavin MacIntosh pled the role as Connor Stevens
  • Margaret Cho played the role in season 3

Where Fans Can watch Good Trouble season 3?

Good Trouble season 3

Since in the time pandemic, Good Trouble is a mind refresher,

Its official distributor is Disney television. You can watch Good Trouble only on Disney+Hotstar.

You can also download the movie from torrent or filmy wap for an ad-free experience. I will suggest you should watch the show to feel the pain and struggle of the fresher in the corporate life.

If you are still confusing, whether to watch it or not. You can watch the fascinating trailer on youtube. It will help o to dither.

What are the ratings of Good Trouble Season 3?

Good Trouble is one of the shows which beautifully depicts common day problems. The audience understands and loves this. The rating of Good Trouble on IMDb is 7.5/10. The show gets a 67 per cent rating on the rotten tomatoes.


Light shows with common day problems always attract more audiences. How the young generation enters into the real world and Faces real challenges. The journey from parents to self-dependence is beautifully depicted by Good Trouble.

Producers show their trust in the directors and the story is worth praising. The fresh look of Callie and Mariana forces us to binge-watch. If you are going to finish college, leaving your parents for the job. getting into a job, or coming into the relations then you should not miss this show. You will learn a lot of things from this.

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