Right Stuff Season 2 Complete Info!

Hello, Right stuff fans, are you expecting another movie on Space thriller? Stay with us.

The director and Writer of Right Stuff are Adam Wingward.

Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff are the producers of the movie. There are eight episodes of Right stuff and the running time of each episode is nearly one hour.

What Is the Plotline of the Right Stuff?

Right Stuff Season 2

The stuff is not a show but a novel by Wolfe. It took a show shape in 2020 when it hit the screens. The Right Stuff is an American historical drama, based on the space program, Mercury 7. The National Geographic studios, Warner Bros are the production house that injected huge investment in the Righ Stuff.

The show is less about human knowledge and its evaluation but the competition and politics to reach space as early as possible.

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NASA initiates a program for Space and searched most competent chaps from the Navy, Airforce, and Army.

In the last episode, we have seen the failure of the aircraft, when Yeargor crashed and burnt walk to the ambulance proving that he still has a Right Stuff.

When Can We Watch Right Stuff Season 2?

The Right stuff franchise wasn’t able to impress the audience in the beginning, but with time everyone could hit the like. The show debuted on October 09, 2020.

You can watch all the episodes on the undermentioned platforms.

Names of the Characters Involve in the Right Stuff?

1. Jordon plays the role of Mike Turley. ( He is a Journalist, who digs at the life of Gordon Cooper).

2. Fred Ward plays the role Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom. ( He is the one who doesn’t like the limelight as his fellow teammates).

3. Dennis Quaid plays the role of Gordon “Gordo” Cooper. ( He is the test pilot in the US airforce. He is the youngest pilot in the program of Mercury 7).

4. Ed Harris plays the role of John Glenn. ( He is a Marine, selected for the Mercury program. He wants to set a bar for generations to come).

5. Scott Glenn plays the role of Alan Shepard. ( He is a competent test pilot. He is selected as an astronaut for the Mercury seven program).

6. Lance Henriksen plays the role of Walter “Wally” Schirra. ( He is from US Navy).

7. Scott Paulin plays the role of Donald K. “Deke” Slayton. ( He is the one who made it into the program after rigorous training).

8. Jackson Pace plays the role of Glynn Lunney. ( He is a young employee at NASA. His immediate boss was Gilruth).

9. Patrick Fischer plays the role of Gilruth. ( He was one of the key figures in NASA back in the ’60s).

10. Jane Dornacker plays the role of Nurse Murch

11. Harry Shearer and Jeff Goldblum play the role of NASA recruiters sent to find astronaut candidates

12. Kim Stanley play the role of Pancho Barnes

13. Pamela Reed play the role of Trudy Cooper

14. Charles Frank play the role of Scott Carpenter, USN

15. Donald Moffat plays the role of U.S. Senator and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson

Where Fans Can Watch the Right Stuff?

The Right Stuff breaks several myths related to the American space program. It always shows us the other side of greatness and politics. Disney+ is the host for this show.

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You can stay with us for more info and watch similar genre movies and shows on the platform.

What Are the Ratings of the Right Stuff Season2?

Right Stuff Season 2

The Right stuff didn’t do a great job at the box office still it astounds everyone with its graphics and scenes in the world. The ratings of The Right stuff on IMDb are 6.8/0 and 55% Rotten Tomatoes. We can’t imagine how good this is, by a mere glance at the ratings. The audience loved this and but don’t their showers love on it.


The audience didn’t show much interest in the space show. After being nominated for the Academy Awards and winning four of them is the real game-changer. It hits every screen after.

Netflix’s Away had the female lead, interesting casts, and message for the world. All these features were absent in the Right Stuff.

The flavor of the ’60s and ’70s can touch your hearts and your grandparents could feel nostalgic.

If you are a true fan of space movies, this can excite you.

But, again any expectations can lead you nowhere.

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