Run Hide Fight 2020: An American Film.

The danger over life can teach us to handle all the big problems of life. You can learn many survival skills to protect your life. The same is done by Zoe to protect herself and her fellow schoolmates.

Run Hide Fight is based on the same thriller concept and is winning hearts.

Here is some information about the movie if you are unaware of it.


Kyle Rankin is the director and writer of the action thriller film.

Amanda Presmyk and Dallas Sonnier are the producers of the American film.

What Is the Plotline of the 2020 Movie Run Hide Fight?

The story of the movie revolves around Zoe Hull, who struggles in the relationship with her father, Todd. She is greatly impacted by her mother’s death. One day, on her way to school, she watches her classmate, Chris Jelick, who was placing a weird gadget in the field. However, she dismisses the incident as a joke.

Run Hide Fight 2020

Lewis (the closest friend of Zoe) tries to ask her to prom at the school. However, the plan fails as she rushes to the restroom to clean the fallen drink on her clothes. Many incendiary devices were planted across the town to confuse the first responders and thus, obstruct the roadways.

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Four school shooters enter the school cafeteria in a vehicle. The commander of the shooters is Tristan Voy, who instructs his collaborators, Chris Jelick, Anna Jelick, and Kip Quade, to murder the students. Lewis was connected to the Facebook page of the school. However, he gets charged for broadcasting Tristan live on the Facebook Page publically.

On the other hand, Zoe escapes from the school successfully by crawling through the ceiling of the restroom. She also helps other students in escaping. Tristan calls the front desk to inform them about the shooting. To investigate the shooting, the administrator and the security guard of the school arrive at the place.

Tristan drops his fury down to the principal, who, in turn, was calming him down. According to him, his sole goal was to create havoc all around. He murders the principal and leaves the security guard to run. This decision proves that he was an inexperienced shooter. The front office declares lockdown after the confirmation. Sheriff Tracy tries to connect to the shooting but fails. The first police officer who arrives at the place gets killed in an explosion in the front office. Tristan then sends Anna to take a look at the situation. She soon finds Zoe and runs across her.

Sheriff makes a broadcast on-air call to establish a communication with Tristan, but he soon identifies the hoax. Tristan requests Zoe to come out otherwise, he will shoot captives every five minutes. Kip later regrets her wrongdoings when she sees Zoe in such a situation. On the other hand, Zoe runs with Lewis. Zoe calms Lewis, whereas Lewis informs her about his feelings. He also informs her about the bomb present in the lunch van. Zoe somehow takes the van to the empty parking lot, where it explodes.

She then tries to track Tristan but gets arrested by SWAT. The sheriff praises her for her work and informs her that Tristan died in an explosion. She meets her father and informs her about her love for him. She later discovers Tristan running into the woods with some cash and a passport. After finding him, she takes out her father’s gun and shoots him on the spot.

Run Hide Fight 2020

The Release Date: When Was the Movie Run Hide Fight Got Released Over the Theatres?

The world premiere of the movie took place on 10th September 2020 at the Venice Film Festival. It premiered on 14th January 2021 in the United States.

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What Are the Names of the Characters Involved in the Movie Run Hide Fight?

  • Todd Hull’s role played by Thomas Jane
  • Jennifer Hull’s role played by Radha Mitchell
  • Zoe Hull’s role played by Isabel May
  • Tristan Voy’s role played by Eli Brown
  • Lewis Washington’s role played by Olly Sholotan
  • Sheriff Tarsy’s role played by Treat Williams
  • Mrs Jane Crawford’s role played by Barbara Crampton
  • Kip Quade’s role played by Cyrus Arnold
  • Chris Jelick’s role played by Britton Sear
  • Anna Jelick’s role played by Catherine Davis
  • Ms Nunez’s role played by Cindy Vela
  • Mr Coombs’s role played by Tom Williamson
  • Mr Yates’s role played by Joel Michaely
  • Deputy Monique Williams’s role played by Kenneisha Thompson
  • Cora Brenner’s role played by Shelby Mayes
  • Commander Riggins’s role played by Nate Boyer
  • Beat Cop’s role played by Corin Nemec
  • Gym Teacher’s role played by Bryan Massey
  • What Are The Ratings Of The Movie Run Hide Fight?

Run Hide Fight has received a satisfactory positive review from the audience and critics. According to Jonathan Romney of Screen International, the movie is fundamentally tasteless. However, he praised the young talent very much.

Run Hide Fight has received a score of 40% on the Tomatometer, based on 20 reviews. The audience score is 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on more than 1000 ratings.

Run Hide Fight has received a rating of 6.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch the Movie Run Hide Fight?

The movie is available on Prime Video right now, but that is also in selected regions only. You can find VPN to watch it over such a network.

It is also available on NOWTV. A seven-day free trial is also available for newcomers.

You can also buy the movie from iTunes.


Run Hide Fight is available on many platforms. You can also download it t watch offline. We’ll let you know when it will be made available on different platforms. Until then, keep watching Run Hide Fight!

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