Safe Online Betting: Attitudes To Take No Risk

Many novice gamblers wonder if betting online is safe. We know that this question is normal and pertinent. Also because betting on sites always involves risks. And it’s not always just the risks inherent in making hunches worth money.

In spite of that, we affirm with all certainty: being an online sports bettor is safe. As long as you take some care. But before taking care, you should know what dangers can affect your good betting experience.

And this article just wants to make you aware of these risks, as well as teach you some measures to make safe online bets!


That’s why we’ve separated 7 essential attitudes for your online betting experience to be safe and risk-free. We had the help of betting expert Kate Richardson, from the mightytips website, to do this article.

Research Everything about the Site before Registering

There are online complaints of users being scammed by gambling sites. There aren’t many, but they do exist.

This type of situation helps to create distrust towards this type of activity. But malicious people exist everywhere. The first thing to do is to research everything you can about a site before registering.

But how do you know if a gambling site is trustworthy? Pay attention to the following factors:

  1. License and regulation recognized by a Government
  2. Be in operation for several years
  3. Positive reviews from other users
  4. Absence or minimum presence of complaints
  5. Good Payment Methods
  6. Offering Support
  7. Sign Up Bonus

It doesn’t mean you should trust any site that has a license. That’s because some licenses are easy to get. Give preference to sites that have operations based on countries such as:

  1. Malta
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Denmark
  4. Italy

How long the site operates online is a good indicator. This brings legitimacy, as it indicates that the bookie is doing everything within the law. And there’s nothing like having the words of other gamblers as a base. Reviews, positive or not, are usually very sincere.

Protect Your Personal Information

As stated above, a trustworthy website is the most important. This measure already frees you from many problems. One is having your personal data stolen. Such as home address or bank information.

Good bookmakers adopt security measures for their entire customer’s data. What can happen is that they steal something confidential from YOU directly.

Therefore, be careful to adopt the measures below:

  1. Install the best antivirus you can, in its premium version
  2. Use passwords with combinations of numbers, letters and symbols
  3. If you have an account on more than one betting site, create different passwords for each one
  4. Change passwords every week
  5. Never provide bank information via chat, email or any other platform other than directly in the site’s encrypted fields

Keep a Minimum Money on the Site

The security of gambling sites is increasing more and more. So, don’t find this tip strange. It is even safer for you to keep money in your account on the bookmaker website. But why?

First, having a minimum in your account you can place bets quickly. If you find a value bet, for example, you already have the money to make your guess. Another reason is that some bookmakers may disable or restrict inactive or cashless accounts for a while. And you don’t want that, do you?

Finally, the real reason for your security: you don’t have to make deposits and withdrawals so often. It’s also good to consider that constant online financial transactions can draw hackers’ attention to your computer. That’s why it is indicated to avoid bank transactions and prefer betting sites that use apple pay or other kinds of eWallets.

If your antivirus is bad or disabled, forget it: the chances of losing bank information are high!

Only Bet on Your Devices

  • Bet only on your devices
  • Trust only your devices when betting
  • Basic yet important tip.
  • Never bet on other people’s devices, mobile or otherwise.

You can only monitor the security of your cell phone or computer. And sometimes not even that…

Your friends may have malware or other issues on their devices. Trust me: it’s not worth taking that risk. The opposite is also important. Don’t let your friends use other devices to bet on their accounts or even yours! Also be careful with children and teenagers. Sometimes, unintentionally, they can spend small fortunes without your permission.

Use VPN When Betting

Something very simple and can make a big difference in your online betting experience. The use of VPN is essential especially if you are using a public Internet connection.

That way, no one will be able to monitor your activity. Much less your information when betting or surfing online.

Beware of Posts on Social Media

This safety tip is more geared towards those “linguals” who like to talk about everything they do on social networks. If you’re a gambler, great, no one needs to know about it.

There’s no need to keep posting about your hunches or your earnings. If you keep “flagging” your achievements, it is possible that someone will try something against your personal information. The good bettor has a low profile. Less is more, never forget.

Don’t Bet Using Public Wi-Fi

We talked about this earlier in the VPN tip. Ideally, do not use public Wi-Fi when betting.

This type of connection doesn’t have much protection. Your personal data is vulnerable like this. The best cricket betting sites thing is always to bet at home. If you need to be on the street, use your own 4G or 5G.

Betting online is 99% of the time safe and free from risks to the integrity of your personal information. But the saying went: “Insurance died of old age”. It never hurts to protect you when it comes to money.

We hope the 7 safety tips above will help you avoid risking your bets. Follow them with your eyes wide open and make sure you can have fun and build your financial empire as a gambler.

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