Motherland Fort Salem Season 2: Latest Updates You Need to Know!

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 presents us with new powers, new relationships with old enemies. The stars of Motherland Fort Salem talk about what to anticipate from the forthcoming Season. Here, in this article, you will find everything you should know about Season 2 of Motherland Fort Salem Season 2.

Season 1

Motherland: Fort Salem season 1 presented viewers a rolling world where witches made up the American military and followed new recruits Tally (played by Jessica Sutton), Abigail (played by Ashley Nicole Williams), and Raelle (played by Taylor Hickson) as they trained to battle against The spree, witchy terrorist cell. The witch cadets went through love, loss, and betrayal while learning to tackle their power. And found themselves facing opponents more distressing than they could have ever imagined.

Everything changed in the fiery Season 1 finale. The Spree bombarded a stadium during a soccer game to alert the world of witches of approaching threat, by hypnotizing the whole crowd to chant “Our ancient enemy has returned,” ceasing temporarily hostilities to get the message out. Then the Fort Salem witches came face to face with the witch-hating Camarilla, in an all-out battle that cost the lives of various witches. Later, Tally became a “Biddy” in order to save General Alder, while Raelle and Abigail were spared from an eruption of their own making, a power none of them understand.

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2

Season 2

In Season 2, Motherland: Fort Salem put the stage for an epic conflict and the Bellweather Unit has to adjust to survive. Tally, Abigail, and Raelle have seen more than the standard cadet. Now that they’re exploring new sides of their power, their bond will be tried out more than ever.

Taylor Hickson said, “With Abigail and Raelle, it really puts pressure on their relationship.” He added “The more information that they receive about what it is and what it means, I think, further and further strains their dynamic. With Tally, they bond in carrying that really heavyweight and responsibility.”

Transforming into a Biddy was a bat of an eye decision to save Alder. However, it is a choice that will forever change Tally. Tally’s decision was an opportunity to spend more time with Alder actress Lynn Renee for actress Jessica Sutton.

Sutton said, “I was really nervous. She’s just such a force on-screen.”  She adds, “I understand that’s not exactly who the characters are, but I do see parallels in Tally’s past adoration for Alder and how that relationship changed in season 1 from total pedestal idolization to, ‘Oh, shit. You’re human just like everyone else,’ and then ultimately giving her life for her and for the survival of the unit.”

Talking more about their relationship, Sutton further adds “Season 2 really develops on the Biddy connection and explores that on psychological linking. So Tally’s dreams or seeming dreams are actually in fact General Alder’s nightmares and memories. That really influences the relationship because we do experience this kind of intimacy, a mother-daughter connection. We’ll see that relationship become more complex on many levels and it may not have a happy ending.”

For Abigail, the trauma of the Bellweather wedding still lingers

Ashley Nicole Williams says, “Abigail has seen so much loss. She has a lot of grief that she needs to deal with. I feel like this strain with Raelle just packs it on top of everything else.” Further adds “So she’s down in the dumps and this season it’s picking herself back up and trying to see what makes her special.”

The fight against the Camarilla is personal for Abigail. “I feel like all the grief and everything that she’s feeling, whether its jealousy or pettiness, it ignites this fire in her to go find these Camarilla people and fight them and end them.”

However, it’s not all gloomy for Abigail. In season 2 her relationship with Adil (played by Tony Giroux), the wandering male witch who comes to Fort Salem to seek help for his ailing sister, Will blossom.

“I’m so excited to get to show off this relationship. I feel like Abigail needed Adil. She didn’t open up to anyone. I think we took a take on toxic masculinity and not wanting to show your feelings with Abigail, and Adil breaks all that mess down. He allows her to be vulnerable.”

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2

More Gossip

Moving onto the second season, Raelle’s feelings about the military are different. And she’s a far cry from the reluctant recruit we initially met.

Hickson says “Strangely, it’s because she’s now such an asset, and she’s so important to the army, there’s a strange new protectiveness over Alder and over the importance of protecting that many people, which feels contradictory to her morality considering when we met her.” Further adds “But with new purpose comes new objective, and that’s been really transformative for her. I think she understands that the responsibility is beyond that of her personal judgment.”

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The Spree and the military have a long bubbling bitterness that creator Eliot Laurence vows to get into this season. “It’s so juicy and personal and messy, I can’t wait.” The battle isn’t between the witch factions but it’s between all witches and the Camarilla.

Laurence says, “The ancient rivals that are the Spree and the army are actually going to lay down their swords in the effort to wipe out an enemy that truly, truly wants to wipe witches from the world.” Further added “We’re actually going to see these people saying, ‘you know what, maybe we should help each other because they’re about to take all of us out.’”

Wrapping Up

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