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Lets Update You With Somebody Feed Phil Season 5

somebody feed phil season 5

If 2020 is a wide desert, a barren wasteland devoid of hope, “Somebody Feed Phil” is the most stunning oasis on the horizon. And its kind host, Phil Rosenthal, is a sight for hurting eyes, thirsty tongues, and empty stomachs. There are certain television shows that deserve to be recommended and others that don’t, but it’s unusual to come across a show that makes you want to wax poetic. Under normal conditions, Someone Feed Phil is a rarity, but it’s even more so during a time when escapism is critical to keeping one’s sanity.

Take a Recape of Somebody Feed Phil Season 4

Phil Rosenthal, in each episode of Somebody Feed Phil, casts a spell on the audience in the greatest way imaginable. He entertains, amuses, and provokes thought in us. He’ll put on his professorial hat to teach us about new places and what makes them unique. He makes you feel something. Most importantly, he transmits joy, both on the ground and through our television screens. Phil Rosenthal is a gift that keeps on giving.
Phil takes us to Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Singapore, the Mississippi Delta, and Hawaii in Season 4 of Somebody Feed Phil, which was taped right before the world as we know it was flipped upside down. That’s where the magic happens, since we don’t have passport stamps or frequent flier miles.

It would be an understatement to say Phil was a touch schizophrenic in Rio. Even though it appeared to be a little warm, he didn’t let that stop him. Seeing a black-socked Phil come out onto his Pope-like hotel balcony during Carnival and impulsively break into dancing still makes me smile. (Yes, in the same recap, I used Yiddish and made a pope allusion!) Only Phil Rosenthal could elicit such a wide range of descriptive possibilities.

Aside from the breathtaking surroundings, seeing how Cachaca is manufactured was intriguing. Cachaca, Brazil’s national beverage, is a distilled rum derived from fermented sugarcane. It’s made by putting sugarcane into a machine that resembles a cross between a wood-chipper and a juicer. Phil didn’t need to be persuaded to try the spirit.


What About Somebody Feed Phil Season 5?

Someone to Feed Phil is going out to eat again. The culinary travelogue hosted and executive produced by Phil Rosenthal has been renewed for a fifth season on Netflix. Season five will include a total of ten episodes, which is the show’s largest order to date. Seasons one and two each have six episodes, whereas seasons three and four each have five. The fourth season ended in October. The series’ comeback date has yet to be confirmed.

“I’m overjoyed. In a statement released Tuesday, Rosenthal said, “The globe is opening up again, and so is my tongue.” Rosenthal was voted Male Star of the Year at the Critics Choice Real TV Awards the day before. Somebody Feed Phil is produced by Rosenthal and his Lucky Bastards collaborators Rich Rosenthal and John Bedolis, as well as Christopher Collins and Lydia Tenaglia of Zero Point Zero Productions.

What Do You Know About Phil Rosenthal ?

Rosenthal’s parents were both born in Germany; his mother emigrated to Cuba during WWII, then to Manhattan, where she met her husband, after being detained in France. Rosenthal was born in Queens, New York, to a Jewish family, but spent much of his boyhood in New City, Rockland County, New York.  He went to Clarkstown North High School, where he was involved in the school’s drama club, Cue ‘N Curtain, as well as theatre. Rosenthal received his high school diploma from Clarkstown North in 1977.

After high school, he went to Hofstra University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1981. Rosenthal began his career as an actor in New York City in the early 1980s before transitioning to production work as a writer and producer on series including Coach with Craig T. Nelson and the short-lived Baby Talk.

The comedy Everybody Loves Raymond was Rosenthal’s most commercial hit and longest-running production. Ray Romano co-produced the show, which was based in part on his comic material. Rosenthal’s wife, actress Monica Horan, played Amy MacDougall-Barone, Robert Barone’s (Brad Garrett) on-again, off-again girlfriend (wife after season 7) in the series. Despite the concerns or reservations of the other cast members, Rosenthal and Romano agreed to end the series. Twenty-one episodes of the series were written or co-written by Rosenthal.

Rosenthal has also appeared in films such as Spanglish, The Simpsons Movie (a big-screen version of the long-running TV series), Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock, and Jake Kasdan’s movie,


Wrapping Up

Max Rosenthal, Phil’s father, will not appear in the Netflix series again. He participated in a couple episodes of the show alongside his son before passing away on Sunday at the age of 95. Phil sent a statement on Twitter on his father’s death.

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