Splatoon 3: Release Date, Rumors, And The Latest News

Nintendo games are perhaps one of the most vivid memories that gamers from the Millenial generation will have today. Maybe it is the way that they were made that set them apart from other games, or maybe it was the simplicity and beauty of it all. Whatever the case may be, Nintendo makes some of the best games on the planet, without having to resort to insanely powerful consoles or visuals that are just out of this world. Instead, it relies on its own art style and its own methodology of making games that make it stand apart from the others. A prime example of this is the upcoming Splatoon 3, and the Splatoon series in general.

I’m sure that if you’re a fan of Nintendo’s games, then you have heard of Splatoon. The original game, which came out on the Wii U, was known for being really different from most games out there. However, despite its innovative concept and a new take on a game, it wasn’t a very successful game. However, its successor, Platoon 2, which was released on the coveted Switch, which also happens to be the current generation Nintendo console, was met with high regard and was met with a highly positive response from the fans. The game was a far cry from the disappointing sales of the first game and quickly became a success, becoming a hit among the fans.

Now, today we are going to talk about the next game in the series, Splatoon 3, the sequel to the ever-popular Splatoon 2. Nintendo fans are really excited about this one, and frankly, so am I. So without much further ado about the game, let us get right into the details and talk about what it promises to bring to the table.

Splatoon 3: All About It

Splatoon 3

Now, following the success of the second game in the series, Nintendo just couldn’t hold back with Splatoon 3. It seems that the Splatoon series might just become a staple in Nintendo’s large arsenal of games that it tends to continue from generation to generation. And frankly, that is something that I really look forward to. Now, while the second game in the series was released on the Switch itself, it turns out that we don’t have to wait for yet another generation to play the third game in the series, and that is really great news for the fans. This means that Splatoon 3 will be released on the Nintendo Switch itself, and there is not a long way to go before it gets released.

Nintendo has also been quite open about the development of Splatoon 3 even though it hasn’t been a long time since the game was announced. In fact, we even know the release date for the game, which is coming out at a time that is really not that far away. But that is not all that Nintendo has revealed about the game. We know that the new game in the series is going to feature single-player as well as multiplayer elements, although it must be noted that players have always preferred the multiplayer elements over the single-player ones when it comes to the Splatoon series. That is not to say that the single-player is any less fun though.

Talking about the series and the game itself, Splatoon is a competitive game where you are tasked with painting the turf that is under contest with your colors, with the team with the highest percentage of paint winning at the end of it. The premise of the game is quite simple and is made even more interesting when new modes are introduced into it, either through multiplayer or the single-player campaign.

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Splatoon 3: New Campaign

Splatoon 3

As I have talked about before, the Splatoon series has had a history where it features both single-player campaigns as well as multiplayer modes. With the launch of a new Splatoon game, we have a new story here that looks quite promising and is sure to charm the players. And the story also introduces some new elements that we haven’t seen in the game before.

The new story for the game series is set in Alterna, a snow region that is located near Splatsville. For those of you who are not aware, Splatsville is a region in the Splatooniverse, the universe within which the game has been set. This time, you play as Agent 3 of the Squidbreak Splatoon and go up against your Octarian enemies. The new region in the game also appears to have something that looks like fuzz. However, we still don’t know what it is. But no matter what, it seems to be something really interesting and it would be exciting to see what it turns out to be. The villain this time is DJ Octavio in his giant robot suit, and boy does he look intimidating.

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Splatoon 3: New Stuff

Splatoon 3

With a new game, it was expected that Nintendo is also going to bring out new stuff in the form of worlds, weaponry, maps, and characters. And it seems that Nintendo has delivered on that promise with great success. From what we have seen so far, Splatoon 3 is turning out to be really great and there is a ton of new stuff that is sure to excite fans of the game. For instance, let us talk about the new weaponry that makes its debut in the game.


In the new Splatoon 3, we can see that Nintendo has clearly taken inspiration from what it already had and put a new twist on it. And even though this might seem very lazy of Nintendo, it turns out very nicely and seems really fresh. The most talked-about weapon is the ink flinger though. Shaped like a bow and arrow, Nintendo has introduced the new weapon in the game, and it is simply magnificent.

Nintendo has also introduced the Trizooka which promises to be a bigger deal than the previous Zook which only fired one shot. When it comes to all new technology, it seems that Nintendo has something in store there too. The new game marks the debut of the much-awaited Crab Tank, the Big Bubbler, and also the Zipcaster. All of these make for a more dynamic gameplay and really enhance the feel of the game. How it turns out to be in a real game is something that we will only be able to talk about after the game has actually been released.

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With a new game, it is expected that Nintendo is going to introduce a plethora of new worlds. However, so far, it has only revealed the names of a few maps that will definitely be making their way to Splatoon 3. In fact, we have even had a glimpse at them. The maps that are confirmed to be in the game are Eeltail Alley, Scorch Gorge, and Museum D’Alfonsio. While the Museum is an old fan favorite from the series, Eeltail Alley marks a new step for the franchise, taking place right in the middle of Splatsville, the heart of it all. Scorch Gorge is also set in the desert, making for a really different experience. All things considered, the new maps for the game are simply beautiful.

Character Customization

Now, this is yet another area where Nintendo has tried to do things differently this time. Instead of going with its old tried and tested approach, it seems that Nintendo is now turning a new leaf and integrating itself more closely with the ideology of its fans. This time, there is no option to select the gender of your character, keeping your choices limited to just hairstyles and body styles. This is a big change in terms of character customization and we want to see how it will affect the aesthetic of the game.

There are going to be 9 skin shades, 21 eye colors, and the option between Inkling and Octoling from the beginning. Clothing is also going to be quite varied and a lot of the fan favorites from the previous games are going to be marking their return here. But there is also going to be the introduction of new styles that we haven’t seen in the games before.

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Splatoon 3: Release Date

Splatoon 3

Now, coming to the part everyone has been waiting for, the release date for Splatoon 3 has officially been announced by Nintendo and we are genuinely surprised by the amount of transparency and the prompt release date that Nintendo has decided on for the new game. Splatoon 3 is going to be released on September 9, 2022. The game is going to be released on the Nintendo Switch platform and is going to be available for pre-order. It is expected that the pre-orders for the game will also feature special editions that will feature different merch from the game. However, it is yet to be seen how Nintendo decides to take forward the release of the game.

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Splatoon 3: Final Words

I’m sure that this has been an amazing ride for you, and you are genuinely excited about the release of the new Nintendo game. I surely am, and I simply cannot wait to get my hands on it. And the best part is that it is just a few months away. So there is really nothing to disappoint when it comes to Splatoon 3. Hopefully, the game turns out to be the gem that we are expecting it to be.

If you want to pre-order the game and belong to the United States, you may check out the following links:

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Pre-order Splatoon 3 on BestBuy

What do you think the new game is going to be like? Are you excited about it? Are you positive that it will be a new turn for the franchise? Let me know all about it in the comments down below.

As usual, stay tuned in to the Franchise Hound for the latest entertainment and gaming updates.

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