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Stranger Things Season 4: Release and Rumours

Who doesn’t know about Stranger things! It is one of the most admired series ever. Its viewers are crazy behind the show. The stranger Things Season 4 rumours have officially gone on fire. The latest chapter in Stranger Things Season 4 premiere date saga is making fans just as confused as ever.

Netflix has recently shared a new teaser for Stranger Things Season 4. It is leading viewers to wonder about the new season’s release date.

Season 4 of Stranger Things is the most awaited Netflix original show. Fans have been wondering and wondering for season 4 since the Stranger Things season 3 concluded.

There’s been a lot of confusion regarding Stranger Things Season 4. As to whether or not it’s happening, when it’s filming, when the premiere date be. So here we have everything you wanna know to keep you on track.

Stranger Things Season 4: What we know!

There are three seasons of Stranger Things ready to stream on Netflix right now. Season one premiered in July 2016. Second Season was released in October 2017 followed by third season which released in July 2019.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic and restrictions, there has been loads of confusion about the new season. Fans assumed that the season was cancelled. But in actual, the season was just delayed for some time. Hence, Season 4 of the show is on its way to be on your screens.

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Filming of Season 4

In the beginning of 2020, Season 4 started filming in Lithuania. Production moved back to Georgia after a month of filming there. The first three seasons were filmed in Georgia, its regular home base.

As stated, production was shut down in March of 2020. It was delayed until fall 2020. Since then the production has moved slower than usual.

Sherman Augustus, new cast member of Season 4 mentioned in his instagram that they could be filming until August. The same is confirmed by other media outlets and people around the show but not by Netflix. The rumours and some reports say that Stranger Things is shifting to New Mexico to shoot the rest of the season after finishing it in Georgia. We aren’t sure of an exact time for that to happen but we are anticipating it to be sometime in Spring.

As of May 2021, filming of Season 4 was still in process in Georgia. There’s no news about how long will it take to wrap up its filming.

Stranger Things Season 4: Cast

It is obviously not possible without its amazing and epic star cast which includes, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas, Finn Wolfhard as Mike, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin, Sadie Sink as Max, Noah Schnapp as Will, Natalia Dyer as Nancy, Charlie Heaton as Jonathan, Winona Eyder as Joyce, Maya Howke as Robin and Joe Kerry as Steve.

Besides, Paul Reiser will return as Dr. Sam Owens who works in the Hawkins Lab after the Dr. Martin Brenner exit, in Season 4. Brenner, a silver-haired scientist who did experiments on Eleven will also probably return for Season 4. Furthermore, in the trailer we saw David Harbour as Jim Hopper. So, he will be returning in season 4 regardless of his death in Season 3. The following season will reveal the secrets of Hopper’s existence and his back story.

Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date

In May 2021, Netflix shared a new teaser for Stranger Things Season 4. It was titled, “Eleven, are you listening?” The teaser gives a taste of the Rainbow Room at the Hawkins the return of Dr. Brenner, and suggests that we’ll be seeing more people with powers in the past time and maybe the present timeline and well.

The caption of the teaser said, “002/004”. By this, some fans believe that the Stranger Things Season 4 is going to be released on February 4, 2022.

Right now, we don’t have any official Release Date. But, we know the name of the first chapter “The Hellfire Club”. It is possible that we could see Stranger Things Season 4 in Spring or Summer of 2022.

Wrapping Up

That is all the updates we have so far about Stranger Things Season 4. You can find the previous three seasons of the show on Netflix. We’ll keep you updated with further news on Season 4. Let us know your views on the first three seasons of the show in the comments below.

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