Summer of Soul: What Is It About

We all know the current state of racism and racial treatment in the United States. We are no stranger to the facts and we are also well aware of the way Black people, and people of color are treated. Even the communication media is highly geared towards the whites and the minorities are treated as a second class. Their thoughts, ambitions, and aspirations are not given the same treatment or importance as that that is given to white people. But the Summer of Soul might just change some ways we view this.

The documentary takes us back more than 50 years, to the summer of ’69, when all was good, but not all were remembered. It is a music documentary like no other, and shows us the reality of the state of affairs in the United states, 50 years ago and today. Read on to find out more about the documentary.

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Summer of Soul: What It Is Really About

Summer of Soul is a documentary about music. More specifically, It is especially a document about music where black people, and people of color have a representation. It is a documentary about music where people of minority matter. It is not like any other film, it is not just any other documentary, it is a crucial piece of history for people of color. Summer of Soul is a documentary that brings forward footage of Black Celebration that lay untouched for more than 50 years. It celebrates the pride black people share, and the joy they spread during the Harlem Cultural Festival at Mount Morris Park in 1969.

“Are you ready to listen to all the beautiful Black voices, the beautiful Black feelings, the beautiful Black waves moving in beautiful air? Are you ready Black people? Are you ready?” These were the words that were uttered by Nina Simone during the Harlem Cultural Festival. These were the words that launched all the black people at the festival into a frenzy. And these were words of power, especially in an era when racism wasn’t abolished or looked down on. Asking them if they were ready again and again, Nina made them ready, ready to leave their mark on history.

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Summer of Soul: The Production

Summer of Soul is the brainchild of first time creator Ahmir Thompson. And we have to say, Thompson might just have made history on his debut documentary. Ahmi brought us extensive footage from the festival that might not have seen the face of humanity if it were not for him. This footage lay dormant for over 50 years before it was made. Black history in the US has always been a victim of cover ups and ignorance. And the Harlem Cultural Festival of 69 could have been the same thing. The summer of ’69 was an important time for black people, and Summer of Soul makes that known. The transition of people’s mindset from the use of the word “Negro” to the word “Black” and accepting it is a huge part of the documentary.

The film was originally compiled and produced back in the 20th century, but was unable to gain any traction with the studios and the people. It was originally produced by Hal Tulchin, but he died after the movie. So the footage was never really aired, be it for lack of interest, or the general reluctance to release something that is so engrossed in black culture.

Summer of Soul: Where to Watch

Now many of you might be wondering where you will be able to watch Summer of Soul. Well, currently, the only way you can watch the movie is if it is available in a theater near you. Summer of Soul is a theatrical release only so you will have to check in with your local theater regarding the same.

Overall, we recommend the movie to anyone who wants to educate themselves on Black culture and its uprising.

What do you think about Summer of Soul? Is it revolutionary? Does it hold a place in the current times? Let us know in the comments below.

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