SWAT Season 5: Everything we know about it so far

After Season 4 of SWAT came to an end, viewers are eagerly waiting for SWAT Season 5. The fourth season of SWAT concluded recently on May 26, 2021.

On April 15, CBS announced SWAT Season 5 but do we know the exact release date? What can we expect from Season 5? Continue reading to know the answers and more about the upcoming season.

SWAT Season 5: Release Date

Season 5 is due to be on our screens in the autumn or fall of 2021 on CBS. However, no official premiere date has been announced yet.

Season 4 of SWAT has a total of 18 episodes. Season 1, 2 and 3 are the shortest seasons of the show having 22, 21 and 23 episodes respectively.

SWAT Season 5

The reason for short episodes of Season 4 is the global pandemic. It also led to a delayed start in November of 2020.

Meanwhile, Season 5 is anticipated to return to the usual September-October slot for a new TV season. Update for a fifth season came to light on April 15, few weeks forward of the finale and fans are thrilled to know that the show will have another season.

The show was just one of CBS’s hit shows to get the green light for another season, along with NCIS and Blue Bloods.

SWAT Season 5: Cast

The new season raises some queries in regard to some of the characters’ fates including that of Deacon played by Jay Harrington. Additionally, the veteran sergeant found himself in problem when he straightened up to racist cops and it could impact his career. Apart from that, Kenny Johnson will make a comeback as Luca, much to the thrill of fans.

Moreover, Hondo (played by Shemar Moore) and Victor Tan (played by David Lim), will also be returning. They have made some prominent decisions in their personal lives. We are also expecting Lina Esco and Alex Russell to return as Chris Alonso and Jim Street.

SWAT Season 5

SWAT Season 5: What to expect?

Season 5 should find the key to some answers regarding the team reshuffle following Hondo’s demotion. Screw members will have to keep their personal problems aside and unite once again to save the city as new threats sneak in the shadows.

The show focuses on tensions between police and the Black community. Hondo was known to have gone to the press backing the clash with racist officers. Fans can expect to see more of this in the forthcoming season, with Luca walking up as a main character.

Johnson, who plays Luca, said on Twitter “Thank you all for watching this season! Means a lot, all your support. Can’t wait for an action-filled season 5!”

A fan replied “Thank you guys for your dedication and hard work that goes into the show! The seasons just keep getting better can’t wait for season 5!!”

SWAT Season 5

 SWAT Season 5: Trailer

Unfortunately, as the fourth season has just come to an end, there is no official trailer for season five yet.

Hopefully, a teaser will be released before the end of this summer. Considering the new episodes are expected to drop between September and November 2021.

With regards to shooting updates, there is nothing to suggest shooting has started just yet.

The official Twitter account for the show left fans wanting more, quoting, “Real twist there at the end. Until next season #SWAT squad.”

Viewers are eagerly waiting to see what the story has to offer next.

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Wrapping Up

According to the outline of the SWAT Season 4 finale, named “Veritas Vincit” which translates to “truth prevails”, “The bombing of a Los Angeles police station puts the city on edge, leading the team to a final showdown with a group of domestic extremists.”

As the team struggles with that, “Hondo faces the fallout from a bold decision that threatens his future, and Tan takes a big step in his personal life.”

You can watch SWAT Season 1- 4 on HBO. The first two seasons are also available to stream on Netflix.

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