Sweet Magnolias- Confirmed Release Date, Latest Updates And More

Sweet Magnolias will release its first season for the audience on 19 May 2020. The show was officially made for Netflix and the online platform has made the show popular around the world. With the help of the platform, the show was able to meet new viewers who loved the cute and romantic lives of the cast. 

The story of sweet magnolias follows two childhood friends and their chaotic lives. These two meet after many years and both have experienced tons of things in their life, Eventually, their love interest raises and the show starts. The first season ended on a cliffhanger and the audience wants to know what happens later. 

While the show wasn’t able to meet as many of the fans they the creator sought to be but still, the show is one of the most underrated ones on Netflix. 

If you are a fan of this series then read this article till the end and find out what about the upcoming season 2 of this romantic show. 

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Will there be a season 2 of Sweet Magnolias?

Sweet magnolias

Through the official Twitter post,  it was confirmed in 2020 that season 2 of the Sweet Magnolias is coming. The show got renewed for season 2 shortly after season 1 ended. Though the series didn’t get that much popularity, the audience still liked the sweet and cute relationship and love story that this show portrays. 

In the tweet, the official confirmed, “Yes, we are so excited about bringing you all season 2 of #SweetMagnolias Keeping our fingers crossed that NOTHING will keep us from getting into production in Georgia in 2021. Stay tuned.” 

When is the show going to be released?

Sweet Magnolias season 2

There is no confirmed release date of the Sweet Magnolias till now. As the global pandemic is here and many movies have already delayed their release date, the same happens with this show too. 

In an official statement, it was announced that everything will be decided by Netflix. 

“We are still trying to figure out any precautions that need to be taken and how that will impact the pace of production,” Anderson said.

“There are a lot of unknowns. I don’t want to get people’s hopes up, but we are doing our best to be able to implement it as quickly as possible. The launch date is up to Netflix. We know the passion of our fans, so we are doing it as quickly as possible. But, right now, we have neither a release date nor a trailer.”

So, the officials have left everything up to Netflix for now. As Netflix is already busy with its shows and movies that are more popular than sweet magnolias, I think it will take some time. 

If there will be an official statement that releases in the future, I’ll let you know. 

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What will the second season of Sweet Magnolias be about?

Sweet Magnolias

The audience loves the sweet and romantic theme of this story that doesn’t have much drama but is classic and efficient. I personally loved how the show managed to put so many stories into a common show by not making it more complicated. 

The story of this show clearly states that everyone has so many problems in life and nobody is alone but you have to be positive. Also, there is no age difference for problems. No matter what your age is, whether it is 14 or 35 if you have a problem it must be important. 

Moreover, the show adds comedy to the lives of the cast that makes it more amazing than before. As season 1 had already ended on the Cliffhanger the audience got curious about what will happen in the future. 

The official has released in an interview,  “The cliffhanger accident was not in the books, but boy, what a way to [end]. In fact, when I read the script for the 10th episode, I immediately emailed [showrunner] Sheryl Anderson and said, ‘Netflix needs to renew this minute.'”

Who is going to Cast in the Second season of Sweet Magnolias?

Are you going to see the cast of sweet Magnolias again? Well, many people are wondering whether or not the old cast of their favorite show will be back or not. And if there is a new cast added in season 2. Till now, they only confirmed the cast that was in season 1 and no one is leaving the set for now. Let’s take a quick look at the cast of the show. 

  • JoAnna Garcia Swisher will be seen as Maddie, who has recently got separated from her husband and is currently struggling to have a good life.
  • The next is Brooke Elliott who will be playing the role of Dana Sue in the second season.
  • Heather Headley will be seen as Helen.
  • Chris Klein will be cast again as Bill.
  • Justin Bruening will be back as Cal. 
  • Tyler, who is Maddie and Bill’s eldest son, will be back with a different storyline. The audience is hoping to see more of his character development after season 1. The role of Tyler is played well by Carson Rowland.
  • Logan Allen will be seen as Kyle in season 2.
  • Anneliese Judge will be cast as Annie. She has a major crush on Tyler and I hope we see more of their cute moments in the upcoming season.
  • At last, Noreen’s character will be played by Jamie Lynn Spears.

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 Is there any Official Trailer for season 2?

The official trailer of season 2 isn’t yet officially released. The process might take some time and the creators are still to say anything regarding it. 

But if you are new to this show and haven’t watched it yet then here is the Official trailer of season 1 for you. Watch this official trailer by clicking on this video. 


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