The Beast Must Die: All You Need To Know

The Beast Must Die has been making the news lately, and it’s not without reason. The Beast Must Die is not at all what most of us expected while getting into it. Admittedly, I had not even heard of the series until a couple days ago. And even when I did hear about it, I was quick to write it off as just another fantasy series, as most other people did too. But that could not be further from the truth. The Beast Must Die is another beast in itself. And we say that in the best way possible. The Beast Must Die is not what we expected it to be, but it is what it was meant to be. And it does so in a stellar fashion. Read our entire article to find out what we think about it, and whether you should watch it.

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The Beast Must Die: About The Series

Based on the 1938 novel by Nicholas Blake, The Beast Must Die is more of a slow crime and mystery thriller. The movie takes its sweet time to put everything together the way it wants to, and the mysterious vibe never lets down. In fact, it is more dark than anything else we have seen on television in a while. Frances has the eerie vibe to her that never lets up and never gets too exhausting. And that is what makes the show so good. It’s the thirst for vengeance and the eerie vibe that the characters carry.

The series is going to run as a six episode run. The Beast Must Die is more of a short series or a mini series. But that doesn’t take away from its plot or its quality one bit. In fact, it works for it. Just like Sherlock, the amount of episodes and the relative running time of each episode complement each other well, and work well in favour of each other. The story revolves around the story of Frances. Frances is a mother who had just lost her son six months prior to the events of the series. Her son died in a hit and run accident in a stranded area, and the police don’t really know who the killer was.

This is when Frances decides to take matter into her own hands and end things for good for whoever did the kill. She starts taking measures that go beyond the usual to find out who killed her son. She just won’t let up until she finds out who really did the crime. And she has her eye on one person. And she is going to do all she can to see that the person meets his demise. She poses as a novelist to get into the family of the man she believes to be the killer. And as the novelist, she will try to see things through, and kill the man.

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The Beast Must Die: Underlying Emotions

The Beast Must Die

The Beast Must Die carries a number of emotions, and guilt and underlying grief are the chief among them. The show underlines the profound grief experienced by Frances at the death of her son in the accident, and the guilt that she experiences for not being able to save him. She also feels guilty of not being there and feels grief when she sees George’s son, alive and healthy. The grief is a vital part of the show as it is the driving force behind all that Frances is doing, in addition to her thirst for vengeance.

All that goes to show the sort of show The Beast Must Die is. It is hardly a show based on fantasy, and should not be judged based on first impressions. The first episode in the mini series is already out, and we expect to see more of it, and to be delighted.

What do you think about the first episode of The Beast Must Die? Are you familiar with the original novel? Let us know in the comments below.

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