The Best Sony Wireless Earbuds, WF-1000XM4: Review and Features!

People these days all over the world are switching to wireless earbuds. The lack of cords in these latest earbuds provides for great range, memory, and battery life. But one question that bothers a lot of our readers is whether is it worth getting wireless earbuds? The answer is a definite yes, especially if you are into fitness or travel. So here we are reviewing the Sony wireless earbuds WF-1000XM4, the best wireless earbuds to buy at present.

Wireless earbuds are tiny, lightweight, discreet, and perfect for on-the-go i.e., whether you are jogging or on a business call.

The physically active and the travelers benefit most from the wireless earbuds.

Fitness enthusiasts or runners, for example, move around a lot, so being able to wear these earbuds that don’t fling wires around is a big advantage. Whether you are working out in a gym or at home, you don’t want anything disrupting your performance. Moreover, the latest wireless earbuds also have systems in them that help you track your fitness level such as monitoring pulse rate, heart rate, etc.

The wireless earbuds are much easier to pop in and take out while you are pulling your luggage around, and no more untangling messy cords and lining them up makes traveling much more comfortable and convenient. Plus, they easily fit into most pockets or bags without a problem.

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Sony Wireless Earbuds WF-1000XM4 Review and Features:

The Sony Wf-1000XM4 has a more rounded and less bulky look than its predecessor. It is an across-the-board improvement over the already-accomplished Sony WF-XM3. This latest addition to the in-ear Mark series houses several upgrades, topped by an all-new audio processor (the Sony V1) that promises clearer sound and even better active noise cancellation. The new wireless earbuds offer enough personalized features to make them worth upgrading to even if they are a bit more costly.

Design and Control

The all-new earbud design of the WF-1000XM4 has a rounder body that sits more inside the ear opening. Sony has wisely chosen to reduce the size of both, the charging case as well as the earbuds themselves. The size per bud is 1 x 0.8 x 0.8 inches and the weight is 0.2 ounces (per bud).

Besides the new-look earpieces, the XM4 also has brand new ear tips, which help secure a tighter and more stable fit.

A more compact design means the Sony WF-1000XM4 is more comfortable and easier to carry around, while the Sony’s fully featured, fully stable Headphones Connect app makes it simple to adjust the controls and fiddle with all the features (both great and small). In the app, you can decide what you’ll like left and right earbuds to control: volume up/down, play/pause/skip forward/skip backward, active noise-canceling on/off, etc. or simply you can choose which features and functions of earbuds to enable or disable.

Control is also available via the three major voice assistants- Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Despite your choice of assistant, the XM4 proves sharp-eared and alert to instructions and even in noisy surroundings.

Battery Life

Though Sony’s new buds might come with a smaller case, still the XM4’s battery life is up in comparison to XM3. You now get 8 hours of play from the earbuds with noise-canceling and Bluetooth turned on. And, as per Sony’s claim, the case can further supply 16 hours of charge, which places their battery life from a single charge above all major rivals such as AirPods Pro, and Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.

If you turn off the noise-canceling, the Sony’s life is extended to 12 hours from a single charge and 24 hours with the case. You can see the life remaining in both the buds and the case through the Headphone Connect app, which reminds you when the case drops below 30 percent charge.

Pricing and Colors

These Sony wireless earbuds come at a premium price of $280, giving tough competition to all its major rivals.

Speaking of color, the XM4 comes in two color options- black or silver.

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Reasons to Buy:

-Clear, detailed bass performance

-Beautiful redesign

-Wonderful sense of musicality

-Great battery life

-Excellent ANC

-An endless number of personalized features

-Strong noise cancellation

-Responsive smart controls

Reasons to Avoid:

-Call quality still underperforms

-Missing Sony’s multipoint feature

-Fit may not suit all


The Verdict

After days of testing, it can be safely concluded that WF-1000XM4 is one of the feature-packed, user-friendly pairs of wireless earbuds available currently. These wireless earbuds deliver a satisfying user experience, class-leading battery life, and stunning sound quality.

Though they aren’t perfect, still as an overall package, they’re hard to beat. Also, these have set a new benchmark for premium true wireless earbuds.

Simply put, the WF-1000XM4 isn’t just the best Sony earbuds- they are the best earbuds you can buy right now, period.

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