The Boss Baby 2: Can You Stream It On Netflix?

Everyone’s favourite animated movie online is back. And it is going to be so much bigger than before. Boss Baby is back with the second installment in the franchise. And the new movie is title The Boss Baby: Family Business. Quite an apt name for the movie if you ask us. The movie follows in the footsteps of the original Boss Baby film. And the plot also follows it in the right places. So what is the movie all about? And how does it follow in the footsteps of its predecessor? Does it even hold up to the standards the original Boss Baby set? Or is it just a lukewarm successor to an amazing movie? And where can you stream the movie? Keep reading the article to find out all about the movie. In the end we will share the Netflix release date.

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The Boss Baby 2: About the Movie

The Boss Baby 2 or The Boss Baby: Family Business, is the sequel to the hugely successful and popular The Boss Baby from 2017. The original film blew way past its expectations. While the film spent a  budget of around 175 million US dollars on the production of the film, the sales for the film were off charts. The film made money in excess of 500 million US dollars and went on to become one of the bestselling franchises. It was also awarded several accolades and featured in many award shows. It was also nominated for the Best Animated Feature Academy Award. The movie was noteworthy for its time, and made a huge sum of money doing what it did. The Boss Baby was a huge commercial success for the producers. And it looks like they are on that same path with Boss Baby 2.

The Boss Baby is a direct sequel to the first Boss Baby movie, and takes place 40 years later in the story. Ted, who is now a successful business pioneer, is now a dad. And the story is all about his daughter Tina, the new Boss Baby. Tina is an amazing Boss Baby and again enlists the help of the Templeton brothers, a crucial team in the story. Tina, along with the help of her dad and her uncle, is on a journey against a new villain. And we hope she holds the triumph in the end. Alec Baldwin has returned again as the original Boss Baby Ted. He is Tina’s dad and holds his own place in the story. The casting for the film is definitely excellent.

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The Boss Baby 2: Critical Reception and Commercial Success

the boss baby 2

The new animated movie in the franchise has met with a lot of critical acclaim and critics have highlighted the amazing use of animation as well as the amazing voice acting in the movie. The movie has also done really well with the general audience and response has been generally positive for the movie.

The Boss Baby 2 has met with huge commercial success in its first week of release. It is surpassing all expectations for the movie and it seems like it just won’t stop. In fact, the movie went on to become the highest grossing movie in its first week of release, topping Cruella on Disney+ by a good margin of 14%. The movie is definitely raking in the profits and is available to Peacock subscribers at a mere 5 dollars. The film has been recording record figures for streaming. It is also doing really well at the theaters, trailing just behind F9 for its second week.

The movie Boss Baby 2 holds a rating of 6/10 on IMDb based on thousands of user ratings. IMDb is our preferred platform for all things entertainment.

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The Netflix Release

Viewers who are already invested on the Netflix platform might be wondering if the movie is available to stream on the platform. Unfortunately, The Boss Baby 2 or The Boss Baby: Family Business is not available to stream on the Netflix platform as of yet. This might change in the future and we might see the movie come to the streaming platform. But for now, the film remains exclusive to selected platforms and theaters. So you might have to wait a while if Netflix is what you are going to stick with.

At the end, all we would say is that The Boss Baby 2 is absolutely smashing it commercially, and we don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t. Maybe it is going to set a new record for the franchise.

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