The Champion of Auschwitz: Parkland Entertainment Makes A Move

It is not often that we get amazing historical movies. In an industry dominated by mindless entertainment, The Champion of Auschwitz is a blessing. The movie goes to back to the mid 1900s, and focuses on the condition of Auschwitz survivors back then. It is a huge thing for those belonging to the families of the survivors and it is going to surely break the box office. In a recent move, Parkland Entertainment has swooped in and acquired the rights to the movie in the UK and Ireland.

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The Acquisition: What Does It Mean

In a big deal and sweep done by Parkland Entertainment, they have acquired the movie rights to the upcoming movie The Champion of Auschwitz. The film was actually premiered back in December online. But many felt that the movie deserves a worldwide audience. And since then, such maneuvers have been happening, with studios acquiring rights to the movie in certain regions. Earlier, Loco films acquired the rights for the movie in France. And now, Parkland Entertainment has struck a deal for the same, in Ireland and UK. Maciej Barczzewski’s film has been getting a lot of attention lately, and this could mean big things for him.

The director himself is the grandson of one of the survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camps. And hence the movie is quite close to him. The movie’s story primarily revolves around Tadeusz “Teddy” Pietrzykowski, who was sent into one of these concentration camps. Teddy had to fight for his life in these camps and he never lost but once. The movie focuses on the situation of the survivors who had to fight for their life back during those times. The movie is set pre World War 2 and carries a lot of historical value.

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The Champion of Auschwitz: What The Studios Had To Say

“We are thrilled to be bring this powerful true story of incredible human spirit to the UK/Eire audience this September and to be working with the great team over at Loco Films in France”, Parkland Studios said in their statement on the acquisition.

Loco Films also expressed their delight over the deal in their statement. They said they were pleased to partner up with such a strong distributor and bring the film to the UK and Ireland audience.

The Champion of Auschwitz releases September 3, both in the British as well as Polish theaters.

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