The Chi Season 4: Is It Ever Returning?

The Chi has had quite a stellar run so far, and fans have thoroughly enjoyed everything the show has had to offer. The show, which centers around the residents of a neighborhood in Chicago with less than optimal conditions, has developed into quite an elaborate one, with different storylines and a lot of character development taking place. It has also been a favorite of the fans and has continued to please us with its consistency and amazing performances. The Chi Season 4 ended a little over a week ago and was met with quite a warm reception. But is the show ever going to return in the midst of these tough times, with a modest viewership? That is a question that most fans are asking. And that is what we are going to answer today, and not keep you in the dark for too long.

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The Chi Season 4: About the Show

The Chi Season 4

The Chi centers itself around a group of people residing in the southern side of Chicago and brought together by circumstances. It is certainly a tough life, and nothing is guaranteed. Things go sour when a murder happens in their area, and they have to deal with it. The show quickly transpired into a close-knit drama involving a lot of people and their lives, and a lot of love, relationships, crime, and hardship followed. Everyone contributed to the community in some way, and that is what made the show what it is. Gangsters, murderers, lovers, cops, and a general sense of chaos. Which is exactly what we love to see.

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The Chi Season 4: Is It Renewed

The Chi Season 4

Now, this is the part where we break the news to you. The Chi is a show that has received a lot of love and acceptance from the viewers. It is a really nice show with a nice sense of community and makes everyone feel at home. It has also been commended for its consistency and its ability to make the viewer have an exhilarating experience as it is a roller coaster of emotions and keeps the viewers on their feet. The initial season of the show met with widespread critical acclaim and had generally warm responses from the general audience. This didn’t let the showrunners settle into complacency though, as the following seasons, each time, the show came back stronger than ever before, with much more elaborate and thought out plots.

With each season, the viewership for The Chi grew. And by Season 4, it became one of the best shows on Showtime, raking in viewership of more than 4 million each week, and getting over 3 hundred thousand viewers each time it was on the air. It has been killing it in terms of viewership and is expected to continue with that pattern.

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What Lena Waite Had To Say

And all that started to make sense when Lena Waite streamed live on her Instagram. In her live stream, she advertised the show to thousands of people, and said, “the season is approaching, it is over, it is written.” This confirmed all rumors about the renewal of The Chi Season 4. She also added, “It’s been a voyage, we have learned a great deal, we grow up a great deal. And we did grow up with all these personalities.  We yell at them. With them, we did stupid things. From children to youngsters and young women we see them grow and mature.” This actually made a lot of sense, as she thanked the viewers for their continued support and love for the show.

In the same live stream, she also stated that she was really grateful for the viewers, and that season 5 was coming. So at the end of the day, the renewal for The Chi season 5 is confirmed, and the show will be hitting the platform sometime in 2022, given the current scenario, and the fact that The Chi Season 4 just came out some time ago.

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The Chi Season 4: Final Words

With that, I’m really happy to say that I’m so excited for the return of the Chi, and highly anticipate what the show might hold for us in the future. It is definitely going to be a journey, and I’m really looking forward to it.

The Chi is currently streaming on Showtime. You may check out the following link:

Watch The Chi on Showtime

The Chi currently holds a rating of 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for the show down below:

What do you think about the Chi Season 4? Did you like it? What are your hopes for the fifth season? Let me know in the comments down below.

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