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The Craft, a 1996 horror film, has had a far-reaching cultural influence beyond its image as a fashionable femme-goth ode to mid-’90s fashion and music. It even extends beyond its seemingly ageless camp appeal, which has spawned a slew of memes, thanks in part to Fairuza Balk’s masterful portrayal. The script, co-written by director Andrew Fleming and Peter Filardi with the assistance of a Wiccan high priestess consultant, concludes the narrative of witchlets-gone-bad by emphasising that utilising witchcraft for evil ends in disaster.

The Craft: Legacy is a supernatural horror film directed and written by Zoe Lister-Jones that will be released in 2020. Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, and Zoey Luna appear as four adolescent girls who investigate witchcraft and establish a coven in this soft remake and direct sequel to 1996’s The Craft. Nicholas Galitzine, Michelle Monaghan, and David Duchovny appear in supporting parts, and Fairuza Balk makes a surprise appearance as Nancy Downs from the previous film.

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The film opens with three girls, Frankie, Tabby, and Lourdes, attempting to use magic to stop time but failing since they lack a fourth member. Helen Schechner, Lily’s therapist mother, arrives into town with her three boys, Jacob, Isaiah, and Abe, to live with Helen’s new lover Adam Harrison.

After Lily has her period in class and is humiliated by her peers, notably the school bully Timmy Andrews, the girls befriend her. When she telekinetically throws Timmy into the lockers, they are astounded. The girls confirm Lily as their fourth member and offer her to join their coven when she answers to them using just her mind. As a result, they are successful.

The females cast a spell on Timmy in order to exact vengeance. Timmy acts gently the next day, confirming the females’ achievement. They continue to test their abilities, including levitation. When Adam finds out about the incident at school, he chastises Lily, but Helen supports her. Lily hears them shouting and walks outside, where Abe explains his father’s authoritarian ideals to her. Timmy throws a party for the coven, invites them all, and apologises to Lily before making friends with them.

Timmy discloses to the girls that he had sex with Isaiah, Jacob’s older brother, and that he is bisexual when visiting Lily’s house for a project with Jacob. Later, Lily uses Timmy’s hoodie to cast a love spell on him, and the two kiss.

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How The Craft Legacy Ended?

The coven is informed by their teacher the next morning in class that Timmy supposedly committed himself the night before. Lily tells her pals about her love spell and kiss. They cut links with her and vow to stay away from magic. Lily believes Adam is dangerous and urges her mother to move them out, but she refuses.

Helen searches Adam’s office for evidence against him, only to discover her own adoption papers, prompting Helen to reveal that Lily is her patient’s kid. Helen informs Lily that she has agreed to move out after Timmy’s burial. Helen also acknowledges that she is aware of her telepathy, telekinesis, and magical abilities.

Helen is inspired by the dialogue and asks Lily to grant her talents to her. Helen shapeshifts when Lily suspicions her, revealing herself to be a disguise by Adam, who, as a member of a pagan cult, has been pursuing her powers since the beginning and knocks her out.

Lily awakens in the middle of the night in a wilderness with Adam, who admits to murdering Timmy and threatens to kill her as well. When Timmy contacts Lily’s friends via a Ouija board to inform them of his death, they arrive to save Lily by stopping time, but Adam soon subdues them.

The sisters then work together to defeat Adam by using their elemental abilities to burn him to death. Later, Lily maintains her connection with the girls, and Helen takes her to a mental institution to see her birth mother, Nancy Downs.

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Wrapping Up

The Craft: Legacy makes a point of portraying its witches as anchored in the real world rather being addicted to their iPhones, which may appeal to witches who prefer an Earth-based approach to magic than a digital one. At the very least, it’s evident that the project was tackled with diligence and good intentions. In terms of the many spells used in the film and on set, Lister-Jones explains, “We tried to be careful and polite.”

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