Have You Watched The Harder They Fall Yet?

“The Harder They Fall” is a visually stunning western drama that was shot in Santa Fe and has a large and talented ensemble. This lavish narrative of the Wild West is definitely worth your time to see. While the format of the film is traditional, it is brilliantly performed with thrilling new twists. Co-written and directed by Jeymes Samuel, is a powerful film. It appears to wallow in its own melodrama at first, but it grows into an unique sad narrative about the cyclical nature of violence and retribution over the length of 139 minutes.

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What is There in The Harder They Fall?

When Rufus Buck and his associate Cortez arrive, 11-year-old Nat Love is eating dinner with his parents. Buck assassinates Nat’s parents and carves a cross into his brow. Love tracks down and murders Cortez twenty years later. Meanwhile, Bill Pickett, a sniper, and Jim Beckwourth, a fast draw, ambush the Crimson Hood gang and seize their loot from a recent bank heist. The lone survivor informs them that the $25,000 they have taken is Buck’s. Love visits his old sweetheart Mary Fields, the owner of a bar chain. Pickett informs Love about the robbery.

Buck is forcibly released from Yuma Territorial Prison by Buck’s gang, commanded by Trudy Smith and Cherokee Bill. They explain Buck has been pardoned, and they’ve been bribed to assassinate the corrupt US Army guards guarding the prison vehicle. Buck and his crew arrive at Redwood City, their previous stronghold, which is now governed by Buck’s buddy, Sheriff Wiley Escoe, after slaying the troops.

the harder they fall

Buck viciously pistol whips Escoe and tells him to leave town after learning that he has used his position to benefit at the cost of the people. Buck gathers the locals and, after murdering a dissenter, asks $15,000 to rescue Redwood, threatening to kill and burn down anybody who refuses.

After a confrontation in a tavern, US Marshal Bass Reeves arrests Love. Reeves, on the other hand, informs Love that Buck has been released and gives him a chance for vengeance. Love’s gang arrives, followed by Fields and Cuffee, her pal and enforcer, and insists on joining. When they run across Escoe, he informs them that Buck has returned to Redwood. Under the guise of buying Smith’s bar, Fields offers to scout Redwood. Fields is approached by Love, who offers marriage to her, but she declines.

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How The Harder They Fall Ended?

Smith kidnaps Fields and beats her up when she arrives in Redwood. Love’s group comes, and in order to save her life, she joins Fields in prison. Smith has overcome Love, and he begs Buck to free Fields. Buck insists that Love restore the money he took, plus $10,000 in ‘interest,’ and that he steal a bank in a white community in order to do so.

Love and Cuffee loot the bank and flee without murdering anyone. The party realises that Buck is unlikely to release Fields willingly, so they concoct a plan to manufacture a dynamite-laden decoy waggon.

Cuffee frees Fields, and she follows Smith, whom she overcomes in a hand-to-hand combat. Pickett is wounded in the back by Bill, who is then shot and killed by Cuffee in a shootout. Buck, who is hesitant to defend himself, discovers love.

Buck confesses that they are half-brothers and that their father was once an aggressive outlaw who murdered his first wife (Buck’s mother) in an attempt to protect her son. He goes on to say that driving Love outlaw was his genuine act of vengeance against their father. Buck is reluctantly killed by Love, who shuts his eyes in respect.

The Notorious Nine was the working title for the film at the time. Jonathan Majors was cast as the lead in the film, which was revealed in July 2019. The film was co-written and directed by musician Jeymes Samuel. Idris Elba will join the cast in November, and Jay-Z, who will produce the film, will provide original music for it. Zazie Beetz, Lakeith Stanfield, Delroy Lindo, and Regina King are among the additional cast members set to join the picture before September 2020. Filming was supposed to start in March 2020 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, however it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Due to the pandemic’s delays, Cynthia Erivo, Wesley Snipes, and Sterling K. Brown, who were originally cast, had to leave.

Let’s Meet The Cast

For the western, Samuel and Yakin created a star-studded majority-Black ensemble that includes numerous real-life historical characters. Gertrude “Treacherous Trudy” Smith, a mobster, robber, and murderer, is played by King. According to IndieWire, Smith was known to be a pickpocket and an accomplice with a lady named Dolly Mickey, a fellow pilferer.

Jonathan Majors, who has starred in Lovecraft Country and Da 5 Bloods, plays Nat Love, a true outlaw who has had a lot more written about him. In 1907, he even wrote an autobiography, but it’s unclear how much of it is based on truth. Still, he claims that he was born under slavery in 1854, but that once the Homestead Act was implemented, he went to work as a ranch hand in Kansas, according to TIME.

Idris Elba (Beasts of No Nation, Thor) stars as Rufus Buck, the most feared bandit on the frontier who spends years in prison before being released by his namesake gang and wreaking havoc. According to TIME, the actual Rufus Buck only lived to be 18 years old. He was born in the late 1870s to a Black mother and a Creek Indian father, and subsequently enlisted the help of a gang of other teenagers to riot through Arkansas and Oklahoma. They were wanted felons who were apprehended by US Deputy Marshals and police outside of Okmulgee, resulting in a days-long battle and the group’s eventual surrender. They were given the death penalty.

Onscreen, LaKeith Stanfield (Judas and the Black Messiah) joins Rufus’s side as Cherokee Bill, but he wasn’t a member of Buck’s gang in real life. On his own, he was a dangerous criminal. According to Newsweek, he was “responsible for the murders of eight individuals, including his brother-in-law, and went on a crime rampage stealing banks, stagecoaches, and businesses with his accomplices.” His name is derived from his mixed-race ancestry, since he was half-Native American.

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Wrapping up

The Harder They Fall is a film about two criminals, Nat Love and Rufus Buck, and their feuding gangs. Rufus murdered Nat’s parents decades ago, and Nat is out for vengeance after he finds Rufus’s team is breaking him out of prison. Nat sets out to find Rufus with the help of Stagecoach Mary, Bill Pickett, and Jim Beckwourth—but Rufus has his own gang on the lookout for him. You can expect them to know their way around a battle with names like “Treacherous” Trudy Smith and Cherokee Bill.

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