Why Should You Watch The Loud House Movie?

A Loud House Christmas will broadcast on the Nickelodeon TV network and the Paramount+ streaming service on November 26 at 7:00 p.m. With the first live-action instalment in the Emmy Award-winning series, the new special will bring the village of Royal Woods and its inhabitants to life. The feature-length film will follow Lincoln (Wolfgang Schaeffer) and his closest buddy Clyde (Jahzir Bruno) as they try to guarantee that the whole Loud family spends Christmas Day together after learning that Lincoln’s 10 sisters all have separate arrangements.

Nickelodeon’s The Loud House has been a mainstay for a long time. With five seasons, turn, and graphic novel adaptations under their belts, it’s only natural that the Loud family would receive the same treatment on the big screen. The extra-large, extra-loud Loud clan travels across the pond to learn about their familial beginnings in The Loud House Movie, which is now available on Netflix (and sing a song or two in the process).


What is There in The Loud House Movie

Lincoln Loud, the middle child and only son of Lynn Loud Sr. and Rita Loud, spends his time supporting his sisters – Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, and Lisa – with their daily tasks, as well as educating his youngest sister Lily how to deal with growing up in a large family. They celebrate at Lynn Srrestaurant  after a particularly good day in which the sisters all receive trophies.

While there, spectators applaud the Loud sisters, while Lincoln is shoved to the side and ignored. He consults his buddy Clyde McBride when he feels he is living in their shadow, and he tells him about the day he learned his grandmother’s side of the family was from Paris.

The Loud family then travels to Scotland for a week-long holiday that includes parachuting from a cargo hold, hot air ballooning, and submarine travel. The Loud family is escorted to a castle operated by groundskeeper Angus and the angry property caretaker Morag after landing in the Scottish village of Loch Loud, a place full of peculiarities.

Angus then shows the family a painting of their ancestors that shares an uncanny likeness to themselves, revealing that they governed the town for many years before sailing away forever. To his joy, Lincoln learns from Angus that his own ancestral equivalent, the Duke of the family, was the family’s most prized member. In order to become the new Duke of Loch Loud, he participates in several community service activities in order to help restore the village to its former glory, and finally guilt trips the rest of the family into permanently relocating to Scotland so that they will not have to share a bathroom.


the loud house movie

After living in the castle calmly and quietly for many years, Morag becomes angry with the family as they adjust to their finding while witnessing the spirit of their descendent Lucille Loud, a young dragon who develops very quickly that they name Lela, and enjoying their time in the castle. She then devises a scheme, similar to that of her ancestor Aggie, to hypnotise Lela with a magical gemstone known as the Dragon Stone and the royal sceptre in order to force the family to leave Loch Loud forever.


How The Loud House Movie Ended?

Morag baits Lincoln into riding Lela in order to reclaim his attention as the sisters begin to attract notice in the hamlet. She uses the gemstone and sceptre to seduce the dragon into destroying the town so that Lincoln can be blamed for the devastation. Lincoln, feeling responsible for the devastation, invites the family to return to Royal Woods.

As the family departs for home, Morag goes about establishing herself as the new duchess of the town, much to the people’ chagrin. In reaction, she hypnotises Lela once more in order to further devastate the hamlet.

Morag’s plot and what she’s doing to the community are revealed to the family by the spirit of Lucille Loud. On a row boat, the Loud kids return to town and band together to beat Morag and unhypnotize Lela. The sisters finally reclaim the sceptre, and Lincoln, with the assistance of Lily and his magic powers, smashes the gemstone, breaking Lela’s enchantment, and Morag is placed on an island populated by seals who resemble the Louds.

The town of Loch Loud congratulates the family and requests that Lincoln resume his duties as duke of the kingdom; however, Lincoln rejects and instead offers the throne to Angus, believing he deserves it more.

the loud house movie

After assisting in the village’s rehabilitation, the Loud family bids Angus and the people farewell and sails off towards Royal Woods. Lori is on her way back to Royal Woods when Bobby arrives in Scotland too late. With some duke cupcakes, Clyde welcomes Lincoln back to Royal Woods.

Still images are shown during the credits, including the Duke’s ghost riding Lela, Bobby finally reuniting with Lori, Leni contacting her love interest Scott online, Lincoln winning a third place trophy with Lily present, Lela having laid three eggs, and Angus and the ghosts rescuing Morag, who now works as a groundskeeper with Lela keeping her in line.


Wrapping Up

Marc Evans, the president of Paramount Pictures, said on March 28, 2017, that a film based on the series will be released in theatres on February 7, 2020. However, the picture was taken off the schedule by Paramount in January 2019. On February 5, 2019, it was reported that the film will be made for Netflix rather than being released theatrically. During Comic-Con, Paramount president Marc Evans revealed that the studio will collaborate closely with Viacom’s TV brands, particularly Nickelodeon, which will air this film.

Series creator Chris Savino revealed when the film was initially announced at Comic-Con 2017 that it would be non-canon to the program. Later, Dave Needham refuted Savino’s allegation, claiming that it is canon because Lily is still in her diaper.

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