The Many Saints Of Newark: First Look

The Sopranos is one of the most influential and most popular tv show franchises of the 21st century. Accumulating praise and award after award during its six season run, The Sopranos made its mark on history. The gritty and influential Tony Soprano was a character that was loved by many, and led the series to stardom. At its time, The Sopranos was one of the most popular and highly rated TV shows in history. And it is still one of the most popular shows out there. HBO had hit a gold mine with the show. And it seems that there is room for more. The Many Saints of Newark, a prequel to the series, has just released its first look trailer. And there is a lot to talk about. So keep reading to find out more about what the prequel has in store for us.

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The Many Saints Of Newark: What’s It About

The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints Of Newark takes us back to the young years of Tony Soprano. It takes us back to how everything started, and what made Tony Soprano who he is. Starring as the main role, the son of the original star James Gandolfini, Michael Gandolfini plays the role of young Tony Soprano. This is such a fitting role for the actor, starring in the same role his late father used to play. And we would hope that the audiences are going to appreciate this choice by the movie creators.

Written and created by David Chase, the film revolves around the origins of Tony. It focuses on the close and influential relationship that he shared with Dickie Moltisanti. Dickie was one of the biggest influencers and made Tony into who he is in the original series. And we would expect to see the character explored in more depth here. Also something to be explored more is his relationship with his mother. We know for a fact that it is one of the major factors that shaped him. And exploring the depth of that relationship would shed a lot of light on Tony’s personality, as we know it. And we expect to see the relationship explored to its fullest here.

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The Many Saints Of Newark: What We Know

The Many Saints of Newark

The first look trailer for the film itself reveals a lot about what might be coming up. The anger, the grittiness, and the cunningness of Tony’s character is clearly visible in the trailer for the film. And it makes up for a huge chunk of the character development. Tony’s natural character is on full display here, and we are sure viewers are in for an amazing ride.

Also, replacing the original actress in the original series, Vera Farmiga plays the role of a younger Livia Soprano. This is a good casting decision according to us, and the trailer justifies it.

The trailer also makes it a point to highlight the ongoing frustrations between the Italian Americans and the Black Americans during the 60s, and makes sure to highlight it perfectly.

While there are questions about the original series that will still remain unanswered here, there is a lot to explore. We get to know about the making of Tony Soprano. And that is going to be an interesting ride for sure. And a lot is riding with David Chase for this one.

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The Many Saints Of Newark: Release Date

The Many Saints of Newark does have a release date, and it is almost here!. Sopranos’ Prequel The Many Saints of Newark hits the big screens on October 1, 2021. And there’s going to be a long waiting list of people waiting to see it. So we would recommending grabbing your tickets in advance.

What do you think about the trailer? Are you excited for the movie? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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