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Is The Many Saints of Newark Sequel Coming Back?

Many Saints of Newark Sequel

Lately, I have been seeing that many old movies are getting their sequels. Last time, when I opened my website to write, I found that the old movie, Top Gun, has been renewed back after 3 decades. Ahh! Such a long time. Likewise Sopranos, an old classic movie which happened to release in 1999 has also been getting another part named as The Many Saints of Newark.

However, this is not a sequel of the movie but in reality a prequel of it. Now this might be a little confusing but the directorDavid Chase’s have been looking for the prequel or history of the movie.

The Many Saints of Newark is the most anticipated movie for the old fans and they have been looking for the updates to know the current situation of it. In the report, it is revealed that the creator is planning to launch another sequel to The Many Saints of Newark.

In this article, we’ll be discussing everything that you need to know about the latest movies and its future plans in detail. If you are interested to know then keep scrolling down to find out everything in detail.

The Many Saints of Newark: When is it going to Release?

The prequel of the 1999 movie has already been announced. In an open announcement, the creator of the movie revealed that the prequel will be headed on HBO. Asking about the release date of the movie, it was revealed that this new movie will be released on 1st October 2021.

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The fans can watch the The Many Saints of Newark on hbo on 1st October, 2021. The American Crime Drama show has been waiting for its release for quite a long time. Even more, there is a gradul talk about the sequel of the movie.

As the matter of fact, The Many Saints of Newark has not been released but surprisingly the creator has been teasing the fans and it makes them wonder about the sequel of the movie.

The Many Saints of Newark Sequel: Is it Confirmed?

The Many Saints of Newark is an american crime drama show that is planning to release on 1st october, 2021. The movie has been a hot topic of discussion because of its history with the famous movie, Sopranos.

Even if the movie has not been released in the theatre yet, the creators have been actively supporting its sequel abc to abc. In the recent interview, Alan, the director of the movie ahs talk about its movie and said,

“As important as the film is to the Sopranos legacy, it might not be the last. The story plays a bit like a lavish pilot for a series that doesn’t yet exist, and it’s easy to imagine HBO Max backing up a sanitation truck full of cash for a Sopranos prequel series.”

He further added that, “David [Chase] said something that sounded like he was talking about [making more content],” Taylor further said, “I said, ‘Wait wait, are you talking about a sequel?’

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When asked by the interviewer that if he is planning for another sequel of The Many Saints of Newark or if there is any possibility of the movie, he confidently teased the fans by saying ‘Maybe.’”

We have already proved that whenever any creator revealed this thing in an interview, it means he is openly making the audience believe about the sequel. The possibility of another sequel for this movie is quite high. As the director has openly said that they are thinking of expanding the movie, we think the fans will soon get another movie.

Note- we’ll update this section after getting more official news about the confirmation of the sequel of the movie. You can bookmark the page or even subscribe to our official website to get the latest updates.

The Many Saints of Newark Sequel: When it is Going to Release?

The trailer for the movie has been up on youtube and it looks like the movie still has a lot to say. When the director recvelad that The Many Saints of Newark would not be the end of the franchise, I automatically thought that there is a lot more to know.

Fans never really get bored with the criminal movies and that’s the reason why shows like Peaky Blender, Mindhunter and Money heists are one of the popular choices.

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There is no confirmed news about the movie but we are sure that it will happen. The release date is also not announced so far. After the first part of the movie is released, we think that the creator will update us with more news.

The Many Saints of Newark cast: How is going to be Back in the movie?

The movie starts with the young Anthny who has been living in the city of Newark. The movie is being produced in the fictional city of Newmark And shows what it looks like when Anthony was not at all gangster. Growing up in the town, he comes in a constant of a lot of things but the thing that makes him doublethink was being a gangster.

His idea of being a gangster got hyped after he came in contact with people who shared the same passion. In his youth, Anthony became one of the best rivals of the DiMeo Crime family. This family used to be one of the most gangster and criminal families in the town. The main prtagoint of the movie is Anthony “Tony” Soprano and his character is played by Michael Gandolfini. Other than hi,, there is another cast that have significantly played the role in the movie. I have listed down all the characters and their details in the next few lines. Read and get to know about them in detail.

Other than that, there are Michela De Rossi, John Magaro as Silvio Dante, Joey Diaz, Nick Vallelonga who is seen in the movie.

Is there any Official Trailer for this Movie?

Check out the official trailer of the movie by clicking the video below. Audiences have been actively supporting the movie and within a month, the trailer has been watched by $8.5 Million plus people.

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