The Nobodies Review: Theater Act Goes Big

While we talk a lot about movies, TV shows, and animes, we never really talk about the actual plays that are performed on stage. For some reason, the plays that are actually performed every day in the world around us are never given the same sort of importance as recorded media. They’re ignored and left for the ardent fans to revere and treasure. The Nobodies is another one of such plays. I never felt that I would be reviewing a play, yet here we are. So it has got to be something special. So keep reading The Nobodies Review to find out all that you need to know about this play from the streets of London.

Theater and art were one of the most beautiful professions of the 19th and 20th centuries. People used to collect in hordes to see theater performances in the forms of plays and dance performances. But with time, these performances somehow lost their charm to the audience, and everyone started to watch movies in cinemas rather than watching the live action in theaters. The theater performers, which were once revered, were now struggling to feed themselves. Their art remained unappreciated and their talent undiscovered. Many theater artists did make it to the big screen, and got the recognition that they deserved, but the other majority of them didn’t get anything. And that is a really sad reality of the world.

And today we’re going to review a theater play on our blog. I have never personally talked about a play before this and this one makes me really excited. The Nobodies is a play that will have you wondering about it for a long time after you leave the theater, so it is really one that everyone needs to experience once. On the streets of London, people are getting together in crowds to see this one, and for good reason.


Written by Amy Guyler, The Nobodies is a play about three friends from the working class who have called themselves the Nobodies, and hence the name of the play. The story basically goes as the Nobodies decide to save a local hospital, but things do not go as smoothly as they had planned. In an attempt to save the hospital, they incite a new revolution, and take political control. Things are not as simple as they seem, and it makes for quite an entertaining watch.

The directors behind the scenes are Sam Edmunds and Vikesh Godhwani, and they are doing a phenomenal job here, doing what they are supposed to do, in stellar fashion. Alan Walden is the lighting expert here, and his efforts are duly noted. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of theater acting, and that has been nailed to the T here. And there is literally so much to appreciate and nothing to hate. Becca White, the designer for the show, has also done an amazing job and you would really appreciate the aesthetics of everything here along with the way that it has been put together.

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The Nobodies Review

The Nobodies Review

Coming to the actual play, I would say that as a cinema goer, I needed to adjust my expectations accordingly. It is not my forte to discuss plays, and to appreciate them as much as veterans of the business. And it was surely an interesting and eye opening experience for me.

The show starts off quite strong, with carefully managed lighting and a slew of props for the artists. There is an urgent sense of revolution at play, and a crowd strikes the point of the story home.

The story of the play is quite amazing and has a very good pacing throughout its entire run. The way that the director tries to tell the story will simply take your breath away. Body movement is a huge part of the show, with dance taking the center stage at times, and will have you thinking about big musical names from the industry. The chaos and order of a revolution is on full display here, and it is one that you are surely going to appreciate for its delicate balance.

The cast here has done a phenomenal job. The three leaders of the show are a delight to watch and give their best performances. The acting is always believable, the dialogue on point, and there is never a moment that you can complain about the way things are going. The entire cast gets a huge thumbs up from me for their performances.

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The Nobodies Review: Final Words

The Nobodies Review

Talking about The Nobodies, I had a lot of unexplored feelings and a sense of learning something new. Talking about the show was something of an unexplored territory for me. And it has been quite a learning experience. I really liked the show and would expect that those who were there with me felt the same. A theater performance is different each time, and that is what makes it so beautiful, and worth appreciating.

The Nobodies was performed at Pleasance Theater in London, and had a very strong response. Definitely a worthy experience according to me.

What do you think about the play? Does it sound interesting to you? Have you ever been to a play yourself? Let me know in the comments down below.

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