The Office Season 10: Could It Happen?

Fans of the Office have been holding their breath for the show ever since the last season aired back in 2013. While many have had reservations about it, fans of the show seem quite positive that the Office might be making a return for its tenth season in a series reboot. But could the rumours be true? Could the Office really be coming back for season 10. Could the Steve Carrel starred finally make its triumphant comeback. That is what we are going to discuss today. So if you’re a long time the Office fan, keep reading, because it’s gonna be interesting.

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The Office: About the Show

the Office

The Office is a situational comedy that follows the lives of a multitude of characters as they go on about their daily life and handle their office. The show is often called a “mockumentary” as it portrays the life of daily office goers in an exaggerated and funny manner. The show never leaves a chance to make a mockery of the things office goers go through daily. The show makes sure to pull at every thread and push every button. Which is probably what makes it so popular among those working at offices. Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s employees are a representation of real people who work long hours at their office and deal with bosses and conduct their daily business.

The Office is truly a phenomenon. In fact it is so iconic that a number of countries have launched their own version of the Office. It is just that iconic. And the fan following is simply huge, even though the show is a household name at this point. It is hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of the show. And we can clearly see why. The show appeals to the masses and has one of the largest fan followings in the world. Added to that is the fact that the fan following is really diverse. We’re talking HIMYM and Friends level followings here. And that is really something. Given that, you can surely understand why there are so many people asking for a season 10, or a reboot of the beloved show.

The Office aired its last season back in 2013. Yet there are reports that the show might just return for a reboot or a season 10.

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The Office Season 10: Is It Happening?

the Office Season 10

Well, it’s a complex question to answer. On the one hand, fans of the show would pay serious bucks for a tenth season. On the other hand though, NBC has not really expressed any interest in bringing the show back for season 10. NBC has not even mention office Season 10 in like an eternity. Added to that is the fact that the company is pulling the show from Netflix and bringing it to its own platform Peacock. That is not a move in the positive direction as it dictates they are not interested in generating more audience for the show. And Steve Carrel himself has expressed his apprehensions regarding season 10. He seemed really unsure and wasn’t pointing in a positive direction when asked about season 10. Some of the other cast members were really enthusiastic but it comes down to what NBC wants at the end of the day.

Given all of the above facts, we cannot really say that we will definitely get to watch the Office Season 10. On the other hand, we cannot really write it off either. There is always a possibility that it might just happen, given the recent surge in reunions of old shows. So it might not be completely off the table. Yet it is not a priority at this point either. So even if the office was to return for season 10, it would be some time. We would reckon 2023 is a good early estimate if the show was to ever return. So we would advise holding reservations about a season 10.

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The Office Season 10: Final Words

While the Office season 10 might or might not happen, the Office is an amazing show. So you should just watch it regardless. It doesn’t matter if it makes a return. It is amazing for what it is. An icon. And one that deserves to be appreciated. So if you haven’t watched the show yet, we would highly recommend that you go and watch it. It is truly one to watch.

The show is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, so you may watch it there if you want. Alternatively, you might stream it on Peacock, NBC’s own streaming service.

The show currently holds a rating of 8.9 on IMDb based on user reviews.. That is one of the highest show ratings for the genre. So we highly recommend the show. It is a must watch for everyone.

the office poster

What do you think about season 10? Do you think there is a possibility? Or do you think it is all just a sham? Who do you want to see return in season 10? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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