The Owners: A Film Review

The Owners is a film that has tried to bring innovation to the horror genre after a long time. Horror movies, since long, have been the subject of the same old structure and the same old ways of inducing a sense of scariness and creepiness. While The Owners does make use of all the known tricks in the book, it tries to go for something that is beyond what we normally see in movies, and employs a lot of tools at its disposal to achieve that effect. This makes for quite a riveting watch for a lot of us, and ultimately draws us into the film to show us what the fuss is all about. So what is the deal with the Owners? Is it a good movie? Is it as innovative as it is made out to be? Read the full review to find out.

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The Owners: About The Movie

The Owners


The Owners is a new movie in a genre that has been taking off quite well since last year. The home invasion horror genre saw an uprising last year and was then subsequently popularized by the insanely majestic Don’t Breathe, which was a thriller that we just loved and even reviewed here on our blog. It gave a new definition to the genre and brought out a whole new audience for it that many of us did not even know existed. In fact, it created an entirely new market for such movies. Read all about our Don’t Breathe 2: New Trailer Gives Dark Vibes on the blog to find out the latest news regarding the movie, if you haven’t done so already.

And now that the market has been established, The Owners arrived on the scene to add yet another big flick to the growing library of such films. Based on the home invasion horror premise of the novel Une nuit de pleine lune, The Owners is a thriller that takes things really dark and takes a route that is violent, scary, and entertaining. It is a movie that revolves around the plot of a home invasion as a group of thieves decides to rob the home of an elderly couple. Little do they know, however, that this could be the end of them.

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The Owners: Movie Review

The Owners

Coming to the review of the movie, there is a lot to be said about The Owners. The premise itself is quite an interesting one and leaves a lot to the imagination. It is certainly a story that inspires a lot of curiosity and plays its suspenseful moments well. The plot begins with the under-preparedness of our small group of thieves and turns into a game that is well played by the elderly character Huggins, who is played by Sylvester McCoy. The way things play out is certainly very interesting, but it does have its caveats.

The initial act of the film was sufficiently entertaining with a lot of build-up and good plot twists. However, things start to fall off during the climax as most of the oomph just goes away as the film nears it logical conclusion. It is really nice to see the events transpire between the loathsome group and Huggins, but the conclusion to them is far from inspiring. By the time Maisie Williams enters the show and comes into her own, things have cooled off in a manner that is far from repairable, and her character becomes a fairly forgettable one.

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What Else Did We Like?

The Owners

The film does interactions between the characters really well, with the chemistry between the actors being something to really admire. I couldn’t help but be amazed at the way McCoy and the thieves interacted, and the way Huggins was portrayed in all his silent power. It really says a lot about the character development and the way the actors poured their all into the movie. The cast, in general too, has done their job wonderfully, and I was hard-pressed to find anything that was not up to the mark. Maisie Williams, too, has turned in a wonderful performance here, but one which was underwhelmed by the plot.

The aspect ratio changes, which are a huge part of the film, are also really innovative and really convey a sense of urgency and claustrophobia that the director has tried to go for, and lends a lot to the movie. The sound and video effects, too, are top-notch, and make The Owners one of the most innovative movies in the genre.

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The Owners: Verdict

All things considered, The Owners has been a movie that I didn’t have a lot of problem with and one that was fairly enjoyable for me. All things considered, The Owners is a movie that I liked and would definitely recommend to those who are fans of home invasion horror films, and certainly to those who enjoyed Don’t Breathe.

The Owners is currently streaming on Netflix. You may watch it at the following link:

Watch the Owners on Netflix

The movie currently holds a rating of 4.9 out of 10 on IMDb, based on multiple user reviews. IMDb is our preferred platform for all movies and TV shows.

You may watch the trailer for The Owners down below:

What do you think about the movie? Did you enjoy it? Are you going to watch it now? Let me know in the comments down below.

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