Review and Spoiler of the American Romantic Movie The Secret: Dare to Dream!

The Director of The Secret dare to dream is Andy Tennant under the production of Rhonda Byrne, Robert W. Cort, Joe Gelchion.

The movie has 108 minutes of screen timings.

What Is the Plotline of the Secret: Dare to Dream?

The Secret: Dare to dream is an American romantic movie based on the book named The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.


The Secret: Dare to Dream

The plot of The Secret: dare to dream starts in a small town where a single mother struggles with her two children, where ordering a pizza is a luxury. The society and environment around her are pessimistic and gloomy, She does overthink that makes her anxious.

The neighbours and her boss are also not very supportive that adds fuel to the fire.

Then the Movie introduces Bray Johnson, a main male lead actor with an optimistic attitude.

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He mix up very well in the family and observe negativity all over, then he decided to give them an example about the law of attraction with a magnet and some iron pieces.

In the end, Bray confesses that he is the only survivor of the plane crash and wants to give shares to her. The first instalment of the shares is enough to repay all the debts and starts a new life. She decides to move to a better house and restart her graduation.

She firmly believes that Bray is the one who has changed her life, he is the one who is perfectly suited for her and her children.

in the last few minutes of the movie, they were running on the highway to meet each other.

Cliche? no, it is not please go and watch the movie The Secret: dare to dream

Cast: Names of the Characters Involve in the Secret: Dare to Dream?

1. Katie Holmes plays the role of Miranda Wells. ( She is the main female character of the movie. She is negative and pacifistic in the beginning but a new man changes her whole outlook.)

2. Josh Lucas plays the role of Bray Johnson ( He is the main male character in the movie, who is responsible for the positive outlook of Miranda.)

3. Jerry O’Connell plays the role of Tucker Middendorf( He was the husband who died in the aeroplane accident)

4. Celia Weston plays the role of Bobby

5. Sarah Hoffmeister plays the role of Missy Wells

6. Aidan Brennan plays the role of Greg Wells

7. Chloe Lee plays the role of Bess Wells

8. Katrina Begin plays the role of Jennifer

9. Sydney Tennant plays the role of Sloane

10. Cory Scott Allen plays the role of Matt Wells

11. Jeremy Warner plays the role of The Pizza Guy

When Was It Premiered The Secret: Dare to Dream ?

The Secret: Dare to Dream

The movie has already aired and waiting for your watch. The Secret dare to dream is successfully hit the screen on July 31, 2020.

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If you haven’t watched this movie, you can watch it on the undermentioned platforms.

Where Can We Watch the Secret: Dare to Dream?

The romantic drama is waiting for your appraisal. The Secret dare to dream is one of the movies which reminds us, that it is not difficult to merge drama with romance.

You can watch the movie on Amazon prime videos and Gravitas Venture.

You can also catch similar genre series on these over-the-top platforms.

What Are the Ratings of the Secret: Dare to Dream?

The perfect masterpiece of the directors performed well and received wide acclaim from all over the world.

The ratings of The Secret dare to dream on IMDb is 6.5.


The book of Rhonda Byrne named The Secret: Dare to dream is one of the typical romantic dramas. The movie is famous and entertaining because of its strong cast and their actings.

The Secret: dare to dream.

It wants to convey a beautiful message about the optimism and power of positive thought.

Everyone here wants something from someone sometimes but dares to overthink and don’t have a positive outlook.

Be the one who inspires and spreads happiness and positivity all around.

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