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The Walking Dead: Negan And Maggie Hit It Off

The Walking Dead

How many of you here are fans of The Walking Dead? Given the sort of response Fear The Walking Dead got, I’m assuming that this show has an even better response from you guys. And why would it not? It is just such a surreal horror show with incredible direction and amazing visuals. And I personally love it. And the final season of the show is on the air right now. So far, it is looking really good. And things are going amazingly, in terms of the plot and character development. And I have really been enjoying the way in which the characters are going closer and tying off all loose ends for the season finale. It seems that things are coming full circle, and the show is finally coming to its natural conclusion. Also, Negan and Maggie are hitting it off. So let us talk about that today.

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What’s Up With The Latest Episode Of The Walking Dead?

Negan and Maggie have both been interesting characters so far. Standing up for themselves, and fighting to the death for their communities, they have as much in common as they are different. In the latest episode of the show, “Promises Broken”, a lot happened between the two, and they both got to know parts of each other they didn’t know before and reached a sense of understanding. Now, the title for the episode itself might be forbearing for the things to come, and it doesn’t sound like it could bring anything good for our beloved actors. The episode sees Negan and Maggie trying to make their way to the Meridian, with Elijah and Gabe alongside them. The two engage in deep conversations and connect on a deeper level with each other. But what exactly was it about? Read on to find out.

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Negan And Maggie’s Conversation

On the whole, the episode might just be one where Negan teaches Maggie the realities of the world. He doesn’t mince his words and is not afraid to state the truth in all its glory. We see him trying to teach Maggie and Elijah ways to use the walkers to their advantage and attack Meridian with their powerful army. Following this, we see both the people engage in a deep conversation with each other, where Negan shows her how much he understands her, and how much he has experienced. He shows her that he is not that different from her, and is just like her. In the way that he fought for his people, then lost them. Seeing them turn into walkers, and turning on him, he has seen it all. And he understands where Maggie is coming from.

And that is when Negan starts spitting hard facts, which would be very hard for Maggie to digest. Maggie states how his community didn’t have families, and that it couldn’t be compared to the loss that she had suffered. Negan immediately responds back with a question that leaves her dumbfounded, which is where she thought Gracie came from. He also goes on to tell Maggie the reality of the situation and shows her how things are really going to transpire, with the death of either the Reapers or that of Maggie’s community. If she wants to survive, she has to do what Negan just told her, or she’s dead anyway. Which is somewhat of a difficult pill to swallow for her. And it remains to be seen what she does with this knowledge.

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Negan and The Walking Dead

With that, I have to say that Negan is turning out to be a really interesting character in the Walking Dead, more so than I expected out of him. Now, it remains to be seen what he does with all his knowledge and wisdom, and the fate of our beloved characters. I’m excited for the next episode of the Walking Dead, and will be waiting for it intently.

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