The Woman Who Ran Review: About Men And Women

The Woman Who Ran is a typical Hong Sang-soo movie, in an era where the director is constantly putting out more and more content. Constantly putting out insightful movies, The Woman Who Ran is another one in Hong’s arsenal. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to the movie, and a lot to ponder over too. For fans of Hong’s movies, it must be said that it is probably what they already expect. Hong has been putting out movies in quick succession for quite some time now, and it has all been quite similar in structure. The Woman Who Ran is a movie that will especially appeal to people who have been at the short end of relationships or those who have had bad luck socially. Read our full The Woman Who Ran review to find out whether you should watch the film.

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The Woman Who Ran Review

The Woman Who Ran is a movie that has the potential to be subject to a lot of criticism. And that criticism isn’t really unwarranted either. But one may question the fact whether that criticism is really invalid. The Woman Who Ran is a movie about the main character Gamhee, who has just taken off with her friends, while her husband is off to another city. The movie follows her journey with her friends, as she’s separated from her husband for the first time in five years. And that is not such a bad thing either. In fact, there is nothing wrong about it at all. She’s a woman in a happy marriage that just has some alone time on her hands. But what she doesn’t understand that things are going to be a lot different. She hasn’t been without her husband in a long time.

But that isn’t really where the criticism stems from. Instead, it stems from the fact that Hong Sang-soo has been putting out largely similar content for quite some time now. The structure and the underlying emotions remain largely the same, and things just don’t feel as fresh. That does not speak to the detriment of the movie as much as it speaks to the detriment of Hong. As a director and movie creator, he has to produce novelty in his content and keep it fresh. But it seems that he is putting out loads of content with little innovation. Again, that does not go to say that The Woman Who Ran is not a good movie. Because it is. It’s just that Hong needs to come up with something new and to stop running back to the beaten path.

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The Style of The Movie

One of the things that we must talk about when we talk about The Woman Who Ran is the way that it has been produced and directed. It is not shot, produced, or even presented the way a typical movie would be. In fact, it is a lot different, and it can work to both its detriment as well as in its favour. The movie is shot in quite an eccentric style, with long takes and different camera perspectives to the same shot. It feels like something from 30 years ago. And the fact is that it is not by mistake. The movie has been shot that way on purpose, almost as if to express a certain quality about it.

The Woman Who Ran Review: Should You Watch It

The Woman Who Ran Review

The Woman Who Ran is a good movie to watch and there’s no doubt about that. While the movie may prove to be quite eccentric for some people, it might just be the perfect cup of tea for someone else. But that never takes away from the fact that it is an amazing movie in itself, sans the repetitive nature and eccentric production. We give The Woman Who Ran a thumbs up. Do watch it when you get the chance, and recommend it to your friends too!

What do you think about the movie? Do you like the plot and the way it shows a woman in a social setting? Let us know in the comments down below.

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