Tribeca 2021: Top tier Film Festival’s Top Moments

Tribeca Festival was Founded in the wake of 9/11. It celebrated its 20th anniversary as the cinephiles of New York came out from the contour of a pandemic. It was the first top tier film festival to hold screenings in-person and live events since Sundance last year.

As luck would have it, the festival also offered at-home online screenings for those who couldn’t possibly make it in-person. However, sadly, not all films decided to take part in the virtual leg. For instance, the Warner Bros titles In the Heights and N
o Sudden.

In point of fact, people don’t attend Tribeca or Sundance for the grand studio fodder but to find the new voices and talent in independent filmmaking. Again, Tribeca promoted a fresh bunch of storytellers, handinh them a channel to show their films to the widest possible demographic. The film festival really extended format by adding video games to the official selections going beyond the norm of traditional film festivals for the very first time this year. Further, It dropped the “film” from Tribeca Film Festival to embrace this evolution.

Furthermore, we had access to only those films which ranged from the mostly watchable to the mostly forgettable with the odd gem thrown in. Now that the festival is ended, we weeded through the mixed bag to present you the recap of top Tribeca moments.

Tribeca 2021

Audiences screened movies digitally and in-person

After having a whole year of enjoying events virtually from the comfort of our living rooms, the Tribeca Festival gave us movie lovers the choice to be a part either from home or in-person.

Additionally, In line with festival program, virtual participants could watch feature and short films following the movies’ in-person New York City premieres. Virtual audiences could even watch the additional content that was curated just for them.

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The festival had several mesmeric experiences for its in-person guests. Exhibits and virtual reality events helped to forward the narrative of some of the films this year.

In The Heights cast stunned in Washington Heights

The movie-musical In The Heights was premiered on the opening night of the Tribeca Festival. The cast walked along a yellow carpet set up in Washington Heights, where the film takes place made to match Usnavi’s bodega from the Broadway show turned movie.

Moreover, star cast like Anthony Ramos, Melissa Barrera, Leslie Grace, and Marc Anthony all looked glamorous as they stepped into the United Palace for the premiere. Director Jon M. Chu and producers Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes were also present to honour the release of the ever waited film.

The NoviceBrighton 4th, and Ascension won top awards

The Tribeca Festival judges selected the deserving of the event’s awards. The Founders Award for Best U.S. Narrative Feature Film was presented to the thriller The Novice which was directed and written by Lauren Hadaway.

Comedy-drama Brighton 4th won the award for Best International Narrative Feature Film. It is directed by Levan Koguashvili. The film revolves around a former wrestling champion on his cross-continental trip to unite with his family.

Further, Ascension was awarded Best Documentary Feature which is directed by Jessica Kingdon. The Tribeca Festival program marks out the doc as “an exploration of contemporary China’s identity as it relates to its vision of consumerism, innovation, and social standing.”

Inclusion of Games and Podcasts

The Tribeca Festival showcased podcasts from “influential voices and creators” for the first year ever. The games part of the festival called attention to the connection that games share with entertainment and culture. Additionally, their art, innovation, and storytelling.

The first ever games award was presented to video game developer Geography of Robots’ Norco.

The Podcast Fiction Narrative Award was given to Vermont Ave. While Guardians of the Riverwon the award for Non-Fiction Narrative.

Blondie spoke about the power of musical storytelling

As part of a program that explores the entertainment business, Tribeca Talks, ‘70s rock group Blondie spoke about how storytelling cuts accross with music. Members Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Clem Burke talked about the narratives that can be told through song with New York artist and director Rob Roth.

Tribeca Talks had topics like diverse storytelling, inclusivity, and what the future of film looks like. Other speakers were Amy Schumer, Bradley Cooper, Emily Ratajkowski, and John Legend.

Wrapping Up

Some other highlights of the Tribeca festival were Juneteenth Program, Premiere of A$AP Rocky Stockholm Syndrome documentary. Moreover, Attention to Puerto Rican Films, Screening of Paris Hilton Documentary and reopening of Radio City Music Hall.

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