Turner and Hooch: Back After A Long Time

People from the older generations or those who are interested in movies from an older era surely must have watched Turner and Hooch. It is an old classic and one that is loved the world over. Tom Hanks starred in the original movie and took it to serious heights. In fact, people still think about the movie in nostalgic adoration to this day. Back when the original movie came out, it was simply amazing for its time. There were not a lot of such movies at that time. And Turner and Hooch was something that was family friendly, cute, and interesting all at once. There just wasn’t a lot to watch back then. And that is what made Turner and Hooch so good. And now the movie has given birth to an offspring. Which we are going to talk all about today.

Turner and Hooch was such a huge success at its time, it inspired a slew of movies after it. The era saw the rise of movie that were focused on the emotions of the animals and pets in them. It was something not seen before Turner and Hooch. And today we have a new Turner and Hooch. But it is not a movie. In fact, it is a show on Disney+ that has just begun streaming. The show is based on the original movie and is a direct continuation of it. It is a show that shows us the legacy that the original Turner left behind, even though he might not be a part of the story anymore. Don’t worry, he does get a justified send off. And the series takes off after that.

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Turner and Hooch: About the Series

As we said earlier, the series is based on the original movie, and is a direct continuation of it. The series stars the son of the original Turner, Scott Turner Jr. Starring in the main role is actor Josh Peck, who has given an exceptional performance here. And with Turner Jr comes a new sidekick. The series introduces us to the new Hooch. While the original Hooch is long gone, Turner from the original movie has left his son with a new dog, and he’s going to be our new Hooch. So, the new series is so inspired by the movie, that they haven’t even changed the names. It is still Turner and Hooch, although a different one. And with a different dynamic to it.

Turner and Hooch definitely honors its roots. As we see, Turner Jr. is similar to his father in a lot of views, and sometimes eerily so. He is also a well wishing officer who wants to achieve something and become famous, along with his new sidekick. It is also told that the new Hooch reminded Turner Sr of his own Hooch, so that is another nod to the original as well. And the best thing is that this does not take away from the movie at all. Sure, the resemblance from the original movie is definitely there. But it is never overwhelming or takes away from the series in any way.

The series is one that is strong enough to stand on its own feet. And it reminds us of that at every turn. It does not require for you to have watched the movie, and that is a big plus.

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Turner and Hooch: Where to Watch, And Should You

turner and hooch

Now this is a question that must most definitely be on your minds. We would say that Turner and Hooch is definitely a good series from what we have seen so far. And it is one that we would recommend. Definitely watch it if you’re a fan of such series. And doubly so if you’re a fan of the original movie. The series is currently streaming on Disney+. You may watch it if you have a subscription for the same. It is available on Disney+ Hotstar for Indian subscribers.

Watch Turner and Hooch on Disney+ Hotstar.

What do you think about the series? Do you like it? Would you want to watch it? Let us know in the comments down below.

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